Pokémon Sword

aka: Pokémon Espada, Pokémon Schwert, Pokémon Spada, Pokémon Épée
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Nintendo Switch credits (2019)

732 people (662 professional roles, 70 thanks) with 767 credits.


Art Director
Programming Section Directoer
3D Graphics Section Directoer
VFX・UI Section Directoer
Planning Section Directoer

Programming Section

Field Programming
UI System Programming
Network Programming
Battle System Programming
Pókemon Camp Programming
Event System Programming
Environment Programming
Sound System Programming
Research and Development General Manager
Game Engine Programming
Technical Art
Graphics Programming
Build Engineering
Programming Section Cooperative Companies
  • E-smile Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • Extreme Co. Ltd.
  • Creek & River Co. Ltd.
  • Vitoria Inc.
  • Seven Seas Plus Co. Ltd.
  • Zerocrossing Co. Ltd.
  • NIKENtotalsourcing Inc.

3D Graphic Section

3D Map Graphics
Character Modeling
Motion Design
3D Graphics Section Cooperative Companies
  • Anima Inc.
  • AnimationCafe Inc.
  • E-smile Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • Winds Co. Ltd.
  • Creek & River Co. Ltd.
  • Digital Works Entertainment Inc.
  • Black Beard Design Studio Inc.
  • Polygon Pictures Inc.
  • Silver Ant PPI Sdn. Bhd.
  • Mox Co. Ltd.
  • Rayline Studio Inc.
  • Lotus Inc.

Planning Section

Main Scenario
Story Planning
Field Planning
Field Map Planning
Battle Planning
UI Planning
Communication Features Planning
Sound Planning
Planning Section Cooperative Companies
  • Imagicadigitalscape Co. Ltd.
  • Tribe Co. Ltd.
  • Rebuild Games LLC.

Sound Section

Sound Effects
Sound Cooperation
Recording & Mixing & Mastering
Sound System Support
Recording Coordination
Music Preparation
Sound Section Cooperative Companies
  • Omfactory Inc.
  • Connect+Echo Co. Ltd.

World Concept Section

Concept Design & Planning, Pokémon & Character Design
Concept Design & Planning, Supervisor
Character Design
Field Map Design
Pokémon Design
Pokémon Model Production
Pokémon Model QA
Pokémon Model Technical Support
Pokémon Model Cooperative Companies
  • E-smile Engineering Co. Ltd.
  • Creek & River Co. Ltd.
  • SoftGear Co. Ltd.
  • Trustech Co. Ltd.

Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield

General Producers
Executive Producers

Pokémon Sword

Developed by
  • Game Freak Inc.

VFX・UI Section

Special Effects Graphic Design
Movie Graphic Design
UI Graphic Design
VFX・UI Section Cooperative Companies
  • Agni-Flare Co. Ltd.
  • Anima Inc.
  • Arect Inc.
  • Extreme Co. Ltd.
  • Kojiro VFX Design
  • Confidence Inc.
  • Studio-RF Co. Ltd.
  • Brushup Co. Ltd.
  • Flame Hearts Co. Ltd.
Graphic Management Support

Additional Credits

Technical Support
Server Development
English Localization
English Translation
English Editing
European Localisation
French Translation
French Editing
German Translation
German Editing
Italian Translation
Italian Editing
Spanish Translation
Spanish Editing
Korean Translation & Editing
Chinese Localization
Chinese Translation & Editing
Digital Hearts Co., Ltd. / Digital Hearts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
English & European Localization Support
English Localization Support
European Localisation Support
Korean Localization Support
Special Thanks - Localization
Debug Management
  • Mario Club Co. Ltd.
  • Digital Hearts Co. Ltd.
English Product Testing
European QA Coordination
European Quality Assurance
Korean Testing & Quality Assurance
Chinese Product Testing
Digital Hearts Co. Ltd.
Pikachu Voice
Eevee Voice
Gigantamax Meowth Voice
Voice Recording Director
Voice Recording Coordination
Voice Recording Engineers
Pokémon 3D Modeling Art Director
Pokémon 3D Modeling Product Managers
Pokémon Character Modeling
Pokémon Character Motion
English & European Graphic Design
Chinese Artwork
Special Thanks
Information Coordinators
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