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Captain Silver

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Ação Games (4 out of 4) (100%)

O garoto Jack Avery gosta de emo√ß√Ķes fortes. Ele est√° na pista de um tesouro muito valioso, que √© guardado pelo fantasma do Captain Silver, o pirata mais sanguin√°rio de todos os tempos. Com o mapa na m√£o, junte toda sua coragem para enfrentar os inimigos vivos ou mortos que v√£o aparecer pelo caminho. Se voc√™ for um bom espadachim, sua espada ganhar√° mais poder. Al√©m disso, certos inimigos valem vidas extras. E voc√™ vai precisar delas. No final, o Captain Silver estar√° te esperando para um duelo em seu navio-fantasma. Boa aventura no melhor estilo capa-e-espada.

Nov 1991 · SEGA Master System · read review

Video Game Critic, The (A-) (91%)

Captain Silver's elaborate musical arrangement really embodies the feel of a swashbuckling adventure. On the downside, there's no score to gauge your progress, and no password to save your progress. You'll contend with occasional cheap hits as well, such as touching a small bird (ouch!) or falling into a fountain (whoopsy daisy!). But these are pretty minor complaints when you consider how immensely playable and madly addictive Captain Silver can be.

Jul 11th, 2007 · SEGA Master System · read review

Sega8bit.com (9 out of 10) (90%)

A great adventure in every way - I can't really add any more to that sentiment. It may be running a little on the rare (and hence expensive)side now but its a simple concept pulled off with swashbuckling style that every SMS owner should get hold of!

Jun 3rd, 2009 · SEGA Master System · read review

Sega Pro (UK) (86 out of 100) (86%)

Go on a quest for buried pirate's treasure. The game is a real challenge so don't expect to finish it in five minutes. The graphics and sound are of an excellent quality and add a lot of feel to a cracker of a game.

Dec 1991 · SEGA Master System · read review

Tilt (17 out of 20) (85%)

Cet excellent jeu d'action b√©n√©ficie de graphismes agr√©ables et vari√©s, d'une animation fluide et d'une entra√ģnante musique d'accompagnement. La progression de difficult√© est bien choisie et les mordus de joystick y trouverons leur compte vu la difficult√© aux phases sup√©rieures.

Apr 1989 · SEGA Master System · read review

Game Freaks 365 (7.9 out of 10) (79%)

In conclusion, Captain Silver is an integral piece of any Sega Master System fan's collection. Of course, remember, I'm speaking only of the PAL version here, the NTSC version is completely worthless and should only be purchased to either have the most complete and thus sick collection in the world or simply to see how bad it can be when a company has to save money by stripping down an otherwise fun title. Do what I did, purchase the PAL version for the gameplay, but purchase the NTSC version for the box art and manual. Switch them, and throw out the remains, because they're worthless.

Feb 9th, 2006 · SEGA Master System · read review

GamesCollection (7.5 out of 10) (75%)

Un gioco che non è proprio una conversione, ma che sa sicuramente divertire ed impegnare molto il giocatore. Nonostante non sia graficamente eccezionale è comunque un gioco consigliato.

Dec 22nd, 2007 · SEGA Master System · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (8.8 out of 12) (73%)

Zur Abwechslung tragen die häufigen Szenenwechsel bei (Städtchen, Schiff, Insel,...), die stets viel Action vor sehr farbenfroher Kulisse mit sich bringen, bis es am Ende zum Kampf gegen den äußerst widerspenstigen, fiesen Geist des alten SILVER kommt. Trotz einiger Ruckeleien konnte ich von CAPTAIN SILVER einen sehr positiven Eindruck gewinnen.

Mar 1989 · SEGA Master System

ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (706 out of 1000) (71%)

The range of adversaries and problems is extensive. This is the sort of games, like Golvellius and Lord of the Sword, that the Sega lends itself to most easily. What is lacking is variety in the gameplay - the different cute graphics you encounter don't make amends.

Jan 1989 · SEGA Master System · read review

Retrogaming History (7 out of 10) (70%)

Chi è solito recarsi nei parchi da divertimento sa che il tema piratesco è molto gettonato. Per non parlare dei film e dei libri. Questo Captain Silver riprende appieno le atmosfere e le ambientazioni tipiche delle avventure a bordo dei galeoni e sulle isole sperdute alla ricerca di tesori nascosti. La conversione è ben riuscita ma dato che il titolo originale non è un capolavoro, nemmeno questa cartuccia può fregiarsi di tale titolo.

Apr 9th, 2008 · SEGA Master System · read review

Defunct Games (70 out of 100) (70%)

The graphics are pretty impressive, though. Your character is brightly colored, as are the ridiculous bears in Hawaiian tourist outfits who attack/run into you. I actually like how walking quickly in your character's direction deemed someone an opponent in these old games. The enemies are basically what you'd expect for a game like this; natives and the like. The music is good, in the sense that it isn't annoying. You also collect gold throughout each level which can be used to redeem power ups and such. Like I said before, not a bad game, but not good enough to keep you interested 'til the end. Personally, I'll stick to Guybrush and the three headed monkey to do my swashbuckling.

Aug 27th, 2005 · SEGA Master System · read review

Digital Press - Classic Video Games (6 out of 10) (60%)

Sure, the full two-megabit version of Captain Silver isn't the greatest game ever, but the additional enemies and levels add alot to the game, turning a mediocre, overly-easy game into a moderately difficult, yet enjoyable experience. If you liked the US version of Captain Silver, you owe it to yourself to give the European version a try.

Dec 10th, 2003 · SEGA Master System · read review

Sega Power ( ) (60%)

Scrolling piratey beat-'em-up which looks like a pile of old grog at first glance, but can be surprisingly addictive.

Dec 1993 · SEGA Master System · read review

Classic-games.net (5 out of 10) (50%)

Captain Silver could have been good. I could forgive the robotic animation if the gameplay were good. But its flaws like bad hit detection and level design are too many. Seek your pirate themed adventures elsewhere.

Dec 17th, 2018 · NES · read review

Games Machine, The (UK) (49 out of 100) (49%)

Captain Silver would have been better had it featured more levels. However, its simple gameplay, attractive screens, variety of creatures and typically-Sega extra touches make what little there is to play, quite enjoyable.

Jan 1989 · SEGA Master System · read review

Computer and Video Games (CVG) (47 out of 100) (47%)

Those who have never played a Ghosts 'n' Goblins-type game before might find this fun, but to be honest there are many better examples of the genre - try Alex Kidd or Wonderboy instead.

Dec 1988 · SEGA Master System · read review

Joystick (German) (4.5 out of 10) (45%)

Die Grafik ist ganz nett, ja man kann sie sogar abwechslungsreich nennen. Der Sound ist fast hörenswert und erinnert an ein altes Seemannslied, fragt sich nur welches. Leute, die dieses Spielgenre mögen, sollten sich die Cartridge anschauen, ansonsten enthalte ich mich einer weiteren Meinung.

Jan 1989 · SEGA Master System · read review

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (18 out of 40) (45%)

Captain Silver is a decent attempt at a Castlevania game for the Master System, but there isn't enough challenge to hold your interest. All the contents of a good action game are there, you just don't have a lot to interact with.

Dec 1989 · SEGA Master System

Power Play (41 out of 100) (41%)

Selten so herzhaft geg√§hnt: Captain Silver ist eine hochkar√§tige Schlafpille in Modulform. Da√ü Sega sich traut, f√ľr ein so windiges Spielchen knapp 90 Mark zu verlangen, zeugt von Mut (oder sollte man es besser Dreistheit nennen?). Das antike Spielprinzip beschr√§nkt sich auf Laufen, Springen und im richtigen Moment Zuschlagen. Die Grafik ist bunt, aber streckenweise schlecht gezeichnet. Das Master System wird bei weitem nicht ausgereizt. Die wenigen positiven Seiten des Moduls: f√ľr Einsteiger hat es einen angemessenen Schwierigkeitsgrad und es gibt immerhin ein paar Extras. Die sind aber nicht sonderlich originell und k√∂nnen nicht viel retten. Ich habe mich bei Captain Silver schon bald kr√§ftig gelangweilt. Es ist eindeutig eines der schlechtesten Sega-Module und wird wohl nur bei finanzstarken Sammlern Gnade finden.

Dec 1988 · SEGA Master System · read review

Game Freaks 365 (2.6 out of 10) (26%)

In conclusion, let the NTSC version of Captain Silver serve as a reminder to all future video game programmers who are porting original titles of what not to do, and let it stand further as yet another possible reason why the Master System did so terribly over here. Sure, it's not like the original version of this game was the greatest thing ever, but it certainly was a lot of fun. It's just the simple fact that Tonka felt so restricted in their funds that they had to take a nice title and make it worthless. That's just an assumption, but it has to be the reason. Why would anyone have wanted to buy this? Why did my neighbors? Well, it was on sale, I seem to remember it was in a bargain bin for five dollars at the time. I wonder why. Steer clear of this one and head straight to a European auction site or someone you know overseas. If you find the other, switch boxes, because at least that aspect of the NTSC version is presentable.

Jan 15th, 2006 · SEGA Master System · read review

Player Reviews

Best Arcade Port to Starboard

The Good
The vibrant colours you see in every level are really eye-catching compared to the dull and patchy graphics of the original arcade version. Even the music has better tunes, rhythm and instrumentation and even better when FM (YM2413 chip) is enabled. The makers of this version took a big step for the European and Japanese versions and added two new levels, four new bosses and an actually ending to the game instead of the arcade-style looping.

The Bad
Just like any port from an arcade, a few sacrifices are made that don't carry from the original, including lack of vertical scrolling, no longsword powerup and less vocal sounds, but nothing that ruins the game in the least. It's disappointing that the US version of this game was a straight port of the arcade and did not get the deluxe treatment as the European and Japanese versions did. Comparable to Ninja Gaiden, there are some unforgiving areas where enemies spawn and spam you, but with the right powerups and reflexes, you can overcome them.

The Bottom Line
If there was ever a port from the arcade that completely bested it, this would be the one game. It's like playing Robert Louis Stevenson's "Treasure Island" in an arcade style platformer. For a port, this brings together some of the best elements and mechanics the Sega Master System has to offer. You can't go wrong with this game. If a specific regional version of the game does not pose an issue, you'll want this title for your own personal home arcade.

by Kayburt (22606) on Apr 23rd, 2021 · SEGA Master System

A good Master System pickup. IF it's the right version.....

The Good
The graphics blow away the NES/Famicom's graphics. For a late 80's SMS game, you could almost call it an early Mega Drive game if you only saw it. This was an arcade game and SEGA did a great job porting it to 8-bit hardware.

 The game has some very catchy tunes. Even if you don't have FM sound, you might still be humming later on.

  The controls are well and tight and pretty responsive.

  The gameplay is extremely fun and addicting. It plays like a beat-em-up combined with a side scrolling platformer. It is a nice pirate game that will surely be a regular on your old Master System.<br><br>**The Bad**<br>      However, you really should get the PAL or Japanese version over the American version of Captain Silver. In the version we got, TWO WHOLE LEVELS are missing. Why SEGA of America would even think this was a good idea I'll never know. Instead of a 6 level game, we get a short 4 level game.

 The game is very cheap. You get a 1 hit death system. And you get killed from birds, crabs, and small town fountains of water! C'mon!!!

 This might not be a real complaint, but I don't know if there's really a story to this game. All I know is you're some pirate going around beating enemies.  <br><br>**The Bottom Line**<br>     Overall, this is a pretty fun game and one of the better Master System titles. But you really need the one of the European of Japanese versions. Like I said, 4 LEVELS???!!!

by Weston Sharpensteen (13) on Feb 1st, 2013 · SEGA Master System

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