Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh Trail

aka: Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam War: Szlak Bohaterów, 越南战争:胡志明小道
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You are separated from your main group of special forces soldiers, but you are not alone. However, you are surrounded. With your trusty radio, and a full arsenal of weapons including a Vulcan cannon, a mortar, your M-16 (with sniper scope), and RPG launcher, you will hold back wave after wave of Vietnamese forces intending to overrun your tiny position. However, it will not be easy, as they will enjoy the help of MiG-21's and even the occasional bombers, as well as plenty of RPGs and lots of human wave attacks. You, on the other hand, can call upon the firepower of howitzer batteries and even some friendly napalm drops, and when available a chopper that drops additional ammo for your fight. How long can you survive?

Vietnam:HCMT is basically an updated version of Beachhead, albeit set in Vietnam. It is best described as "stationary first-person shooter", where you stay still and rotate 360 degrees, engaging enemies from all sides, switching weapons as needed, and hopefully don't run out before the attack is over. The game is divided into separate "missions" with different enemies and time of day.


  • Вьетнам: Тропа Хо Ши Мина - Russian spelling

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Average score: 64% (based on 4 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 1 ratings)

Blast, blast, blast. What else is there?

The Good
Lots of action, tolerable graphics, decent sounds

The Bad
Too much action at times, extremely unforgiving, as you must unleash the power of the artillery and napalm at the right ranges to prevent yourself from being overrun. Use them too early, and you can't target a thing. Use them too late, and the target's too spread out. With a "recharge" period between the salvoes, and you may be in BIG problem.

The Bottom Line
Basically, this is like beachhead... You can rotate 360 degrees and shoot enemies, who initially come with infantry and militia, along with occasional fighter-bombers. Later they get RPG launchers, light tanks, heavy tanks, and so on. You get a lot of weapons, from your trusty pistol to Vulcan cannon to ability to call in artillery and napalm strikes. You are usually up against hundreds of enemies at a time, as they charge down the hill in groups, spread out randomly to avoid your shots, while you struggle to engage them with all the firepower available to you.

There is definitely plenty of action as you definitely feel like you're in the Alamo. Of course, you have a ton of firepower at your disposal, and graphics are decent (for a budget title) though the Napalm and artillery is a bit underwhelming as it didn't tear up the landscape as you'd expect.

On the other hand, the gameplay relies too much on timing and is extremely unforgiving. In general, you need to engage the group of enemies as far from you as possible, before they spread out and become more difficult to engage by artillery and napalm. Yet both assets require a bit of time to "recharge" and thus may not be available if you use them, forcing you to rely on yourself to fend off the other groups. As the enmies can come from all sides, action is extremely frenetic, and mistakes are extremely unforgiving.

All in all, the game is worth about $5, and does deliver several hours of diversion, as well as some quick game breaks. If you pay more, then you may be wasting your money.

Windows · by Kasey Chang (4601) · 2004


This game is a westernized version of the shooter based on the Chinese Expeditionary force fighting the Japanese Imperial army in Burma in World War II. Exact same setup... one guy in the middle of nowhere, except you're fighting Japanese soldiers, militias, and Japanese tanks/aircrafts.

There's also another games in the "series" where you're a Chinese rebel in occupied Shanghai fighting the Japanese invading army. The results were so popular, they released a "construction set" that shows how the games were built and all the tools used.

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