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aka: JuJu Densetsu

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The hands of Bashtar have whisked Moho away from her beloved Toki. Toki hasn't fared much better as he has been transformed into an ape by the sorcerer Vookimedlo. Now Toki must rescue his love and find a way to transform himself back into a man.

Toki consists of six stages which are The Labyrinth of Caves, the underwater stage Lake Neptune, Caverns of Fire, Ice Palace, Dark Jungle, and the Golden Palace. Toki's main attack against his enemies is by spitting at them although he can also hop on them to defeat them. Toki's normal spit can be changed to a fire breath by finding the correct item. Other items include items like a football helmet which temporarily shields Toki, high jump shoes, clocks that add time, coins which add to Toki's life count, and fruits which add to the total score.

Instead of dying in one hit, the NES version added a health meter. A version of the game also exists for the Genesis, however the game features different stage layouts plus additional levels and different enemies.

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Credits (Arcade version)

13 People

President (Staff)
Game Design (Staff)
Lead Program (Staff)
Program (Staff)
Graphic Design (Staff)
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Music Composer (Staff)
Fabtek (Staff)



Canceled Spectrum version

A Spectrum version got as far as being previewed by several magazines, and many screenshots exist, but it was never released.

Never released Atari 7800 version

Over 20 years after the initial release of Toki, a playable beta version of a Toki port for the Atari 7800 was discovered. It shows a 1993 copyright in the title screen and is only runnable on PAL systems. It is a quite accurate conversion of the arcade original, but the last level of the coin-op original is missing in this version. Also most bonus items are missing and some bugs are in the game. It is unknown why this nearly complete port was never released. Source: Betaphasegames

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