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Big Air FreeStyle

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64 Power / big.N / N Games (70 out of 100)

So leicht und flockig sich Big Air Freestyle auch spielt, fĂŒr eine GameCube-Exklusiventwicklung enttĂ€uscht das Spiel maßlos. Die Fahrer wirken mit ihren Animationen staksig und unbeholfen. Die Modelle sind arm an Details und Polygonen. Bis auf die Bodentexturen ist auch das zweidimensionale Drumherum sehr glanzlos. Durch diese MĂ€ngel leidet auch die PrĂ€sentation des Titels enorm, da im Vergleich zur Konkurrenz gleicher Inhalt mit mieserer Technik geboten wird. Freekstyle, MX Superfly und Big Air Freestyle kommen am Start alle gleich gut weg, doch auf den letzten Metern entscheidet letztendlich die Technik. Und dabei hat Infogrames mit Big Alt Freestyle klar das Nachsehen.

Oct 2002 · GameCube

Armchair Empire, The (6.7 out of 10)

Big Air Freestyle isn’t a bad game. In it’s favor it has a solid variety of modes and offers an arcade experience without totally slashing realism but Freestyle mode only goes ÂŒ of the way and the invisible walls might have you ripping your hair out. It’s worthy of a weekend rental but not much else.

Dec 18th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

4Players.de (67 out of 100)

Im Prinzip hĂ€tte Big Air Freestyle die gleichen Chancen gehabt, sich neben der Konkurrenz zu etablieren wie der PS2-Cousin MX Rider. Doch die schwache Grafik sorgt neben der weitestgehend nicht vorhandenen Fahrphysik und der mageren KI dafĂŒr, dass nur AnfĂ€nger ihren Spaß haben. Die erleben auch dank der intuitiven Steuerung sehr schnelle Erfolgserlebnisse, werden aber nach kurzer Zeit genau so wenig gefordert wie fortgeschrittene Spieler. Zugegeben: Neben Freekstyle sehen viele Arcade-Motocross-Spiele mager aus, doch auch spielerisch kommt Big Air nicht mal ansatzweise an EAs Dreckspritzer heran. Momentan zwar die Nummer Zwei wird die sicherlich kommende Konkurrenz das Spiel in der Rangliste weiter nach unten durchreichen. Und Nintendo-Fans warten immer noch auf ein Äquivalent zu Excitebike...

Nov 19th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

IGN (6.4 out of 10)

Infogrames first release for GameCube is Big Air Freestyle, an enhanced and tweaked port of the previous PlayStation 2 game MXrider. It's a racer that promised to bring larger-than-life freestyle moves to a somewhat faithful representation of the sport of supercross and motocross. In the end, it's a mildly entertaining package that seems more suited for the pick-up-and-play audience. This is a good thing for those that may have found MX Superfly and Freekstyle too demanding in the area of control mechanics, but for a drawback to those that enjoyed the previously released GameCube racers.

Oct 2nd, 2002 · GameCube · read review

GameSpy (62 out of 100)

For once, you'll note a publisher has actually achieved what it set out to do. But rather than push the bar, Infogrames was content with merely churning out an acceptable, yet hardly amazing spin on the average motocross racer. Though purists -- and, most likely, anyone who plunks down fifty smackeroos for Big Air Freestyle -- will grumble, that's not necessarily a bad thing. It just means you're getting a taste of modern economics; shrinking budgets and superficial attempts at re-creating popular athletic contests do not equal a superior experience.

Oct 19th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

Gamekult (6 out of 10)

Moins farfelu que MX Superfly, Big Air Freestyle trouvera sa place chez l'amateur de motocross grĂące Ă  son gameplay trĂšs arcade, facile Ă  prendre en main et sa vingtaine de circuits jouables seul ou Ă  deux. La rĂ©alisation n'est malheureusement pas exceptionnelle, surtout pour le GameCube, mĂȘme si elle suffit amplement Ă  la jouabilitĂ© du titre. Un jeu d'arcade sympathique, Ă  la durĂ©e de vie honnĂȘte, qui aurait bien gagnĂ© Ă  profiter des capacitĂ©s d'un tel support.

Nov 11th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

Gaming Age (C)

Besides the very poor stunt animation, there's nothing fundamentally "wrong" with the game, it's just a matter of gameplay preference. You could do better with other motocross titles this holiday season.

Dec 6th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (9 out of 20)

Big Air Freestyle est l'archétype du jeu à éviter. Maigre en contenu offrant des sensations dignes d'un saut à l'élastique du haut d'une table de chevet, sa conduite est pauvre et sa jouabilité plus que passable, le tout enrobé d'une réalisation disgracieuse.

Oct 21st, 2004 · GameCube · read review

GameSpot (4.3 out of 10)

In the end, Big Air Freestyle doesn't offer much that can be recommended. It's buggy, the gameplay modes are shallow, and the graphics don't save it. With games like MX Superfly and Freekstyle already on the market, there's simply no reason to give Big Air Freestyle a second look.

Nov 13th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

The Next Level (USA) (C-)

Had Big Air Freestyle come out a couple of years ago, it would definitely be considered one of the best motorcross games around. Unfortunately, it’s didn’t, and it’s sad to say that this game is just one of many average titles that are slumming around the basement of the GameCube’s library. In fact, the only reason that this game was in my GameCube for longer than a week was because of the extremely fun Godzila: Destroy All Monsters Melee demo included in the game. Hopefully, Infogrames can put more work into the next installment of the series to improve on its flaws.

Dec 23rd, 2002 · GameCube · read review

Officiel Nintendo Magazine (4 out of 10)

Il s'agit donc d'un titre qui s'enlise dans la médiocrité, et ce n'est pas le bonus mis en avant sur la jaquette (une démo de Godzilla jouable uniquement à deux) qui va le désembourber.

Dec 2002 · GameCube · read review

Gaming Target (4 out of 10)

If there was ever a Gamecube game to avoid, it’s this one and you’d do well to pick up any of the other Motocross games mentioned above and spare yourself the aggravation of having to drive back to your store and returning this slop for a refund.

Nov 18th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

Gamestyle (2 out of 10)

It's this lack of imagination, polish and fun that hurts Big Air Freestyle more than the other parts of the game - you might be able to look past the graphics (and I wish you luck) and switch off the sound, but the game's still crap.

2002 · GameCube · read review

Gaming Nexus (F)

A pretty weak PS2 to GC outing that doesn;t really deliver on any level. The soundtrack is pretty nice but that's about it. Not worthy of much, including your time.

Nov 24th, 2002 · GameCube · read review

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