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Really good Windows Flysem (3)

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Windows 7 3.7
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Combined User Score 7 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Wii UNintendo Insider (Oct 26, 2016)
There can be no question that the hour that you spend with 140 will be a memorable one. It demonstrates that even minimalist ideas can achieve excellence and that even a geometric shape can become a hero.
PlayStation 4God is a Geek (Sep 01, 2016)
140 is a cold, mathematical yet beautiful and sensory platforming experience with a pulsing synthetic soundtrack and reflexive movement.
WindowsIGN (Oct 16, 2013)
140 is a masterful, mentally stimulating platformer with a distinct visual and aural style. Its reflexive navigation is intrinsically tied to its awesome synth soundtrack, and its challenging levels are simple yet satisfying. At just one hour long, it’s about the length of an album rather than a game. Like a good record, though, 140 is worth throwing on repeat.
WindowsEdge (Oct 16, 2013)
Where Limbo told a subtle but distinctly human story with its world, enticing with its enigmatic charms and delicious noirish art direction, 140 feels very much the product of a programmer rather than an artist or team.

Visually and aurally 140 and Limbo couldn’t be further apart, then, but the subliminal similarities – in the pacing and careful marriage of sight and sound – suggest Carlsen is pioneering his own auteurist path, taking the craft he refined at Playdead into his own private portfolio. 140 is a magnetically moreish experience: delicately balanced and well thought-out. If this is what the programmer can achieve during the downtime from his day job, Playdead’s enigmatic second project can’t come soon enough.
Xbox OneMondoXbox (Aug 31, 2016)
140 risulta difficile da consigliare semplicemente perché è praticamente una tech demo, un esperimento indie che dura quanto la puntata di un telefilm. E' divertente? Sì, molto. E' tosto? Sì, può esserlo. E' geniale? A tratti assolutamente. Ed anche la colonna sonora è davvero ottima. Ma 40 minuti di gioco effettivo, anche a "solo" 7,99 Euro, sono davvero pochi, a maggior ragione se ci sono problemi di design, soprattutto nelle collisioni. Se subirà sconti di rilievo, però, vale sicuramente la pena di provarlo per la sua originalità.
PlayStation 4Video Chums (Sep 07, 2016)
140's minimalistic style will either be an appeal or a repellent, depending on your taste. It's fun (and frustrating) while it lasts but unfortunately, it doesn't last nearly long enough.
Wii UNintendo Life (Sep 12, 2016)
140 seems like more of an artistic experiment testing the boundaries of games as art; like Bauhaus art, this title is definitely open to interpretation. Some individuals may view it as a deeper philosophical experience while others may just see a bunch of geometrical colourful shapes flying around on-screen. As a game, first and foremost, 140 isn't quite on par with some leading titles within this genre. Despite how well the audiovisual presentation is tied to the gameplay, the ruthless nature of this one does detract from the overall enjoyment on offer.
PlayStation 4Defunct Games (Sep 08, 2016)
It could be that I had higher expectations based on the quality track record of Double Fine, or maybe I've played too many similar platformers. I don't know. Whatever the reason, I was let down by this budget-priced action game. It does just enough to be average, and not much else. And in a world where dozens of indie platformers are released every month, I'm not sure average is going to cut it.
Xbox OneBrash Games (Sep 05, 2016)
In conclusion, I suggest you think long and hard about a purchase, and maybe take your money elsewhere. But the final decision is all yours. Just don’t expect your experience to be a joyous one. Not the worst game I have ever played, but not far off.