ACE: Air Combat Emulator

aka: A.C.E.: Air Combat Emulator, ACE

"Ace is as realistic as anything I've seen since my missions over Korea. The most fun I've ever had on the ground."

Air raid sirens wail as dawn breaks. You board your jet, and a shiver runs through your spine as you realize that the future of the free world hangs in the balance.

Seconds later, you're airborne, headed for the moment you've trained for all your life. The on-board computer warns you of enemy aircraft 5,000 feet overhead. As you effortlessly roll your aircraft and head for the encounter, you hear the explosions of Surface-to-Air misssiles. The tank forces have found you!

Immediate evasive maneuvers are your only chance. Suddenly, you are free of the tanks. As you burst through the cloud cover, you surprise three enemy delta wing fighters. Instantly switching the weapons mode to Air-to-Air missile, you easily outmaneuver the enemy and line him up in your sights: Eat hot lead, $?*&!

The most fun you can have on the ground:

  • One or two pilots

  • Every mission is different

  • Tremendous sound capability

  • Multiple weapons systems

  • Easy to use control panel

  • Real-Time Overhead Satellite Mapping

  • Realistic digitized human speech


Back of the Box

Your AWAT (All Weather-All Terrain) jet stands fully fuelled and full armed. A vast invasion fleet is anchored just off your shores. Ground forces have come ashore and are advancing on your positions protected by massive air cover.

You are the last fighter pilot. Your country turns to you and asks . . . "Are you good enough to be called an ACE?"

Featuring tanks, helicopters, hills, trees, ships and a totally unique refuelling sequence ACE is the <>i>fastest, most exciting air combat game available. With twin flying mode ( optional ) you can fly and fight with your friend as weapons man.



Back of Box - ZX Spectrum (United Kingdom)

All of your comrades have been shot down in the face of overwhelming odds. You are the last fighter pilot pitched against multiple waves of enemy fighters hurtling towards you. They will try to evade you and reach their target. You must shoot them down - but beware - when provoked they will attack you. You must destroy the enemy - you are the last hope. Are you good enough to be called an ACE? ACE is your chance to feel the thrill of flying a jet fighter in high speed aerial combat. 100% machine code makes ACE the fastest, most responsive emulation of air combat available. Dive, climb, roll - find and destroy the enemy with conventional and heat-seeking rockets using radar and visual contact.

Warning: Due to the realism of ACE some players may experience air-sickness.

1) 100% fast machine code.

2) Uses 15.75K of memory.

3) More than a flight simulation. An emulation of the excitement of aerial combat.

4) The most stunning cockpit display available on a 16K computer.

5) Demonstration mode.

6) Pause feature.

7) Up to three enemy aircraft to attack at any one time.

8) Permits daytime, dusk and night flying.

9) Intelligent and cunning opponents.

10) Incredibly smooth and fast representation of the horizon.

11) Ten instruments to monitor.

12) Keyboard or joystick control (optional).

13) Realistic sound effects.

14) Music.


Back of Box - Commodore 64 (UK)

Contributed by Macintrash, Patrick Bregger, FatherJack.

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