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ACE: Air Combat Emulator

aka: A.C.E.: Air Combat Emulator, ACE

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Your Sinclair (8 out of 10) (80%)

Don't get cheesed off at the start - it takes some time to get into. And once you get the hang of it, you're gonna be hooked for days before you actually manage to come anywhere near succeeding. If you want a realistic combat simulation, forget it - you'll learn more from the movies. If you want a high-speed shoot 'em up with planes, go get it - it's ACE!

Oct 1986 · ZX Spectrum · read review

Computer Gamer (13 out of 20) (65%)

If an excellent flight simulator with equally excellent graphics is what you want I would recommend this one every time. However, if you are looking for an exciting and fast-moving game I would look elsewhere.

Sep 1986 · ZX Spectrum · read review

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