Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon

aka: SQ3, Space Quest 3, Space Quest III: Die Piraten von Pestulon
Moby ID: 142

[ Amiga ] [ Atari ST ] [ DOS ] [ Macintosh add ]

DOS credits (1989)

23 people with 29 credits.

Design Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy
Programming Ken Koch, Scott Murphy, Doug Oldfield, Christopher Smith, Mark Crowe
Game Development System Pablo Ghenis, Stuart Goldstein, Robert Eric Heitman, Jeff Stephenson
Music Bob Siebenberg
Music System Stuart Goldstein
Sound Effects Mark Seibert
Documentation Bridget McKenna
Box design by John T. Shaw

German Edition

Produced by Pablo Ghenis
Translated by Brigitte Burkert-Hinojos, Sabine Duvall
Program Conversion by Gary Kamigawachi, Sol Ackerman
Graphics Conversion by Cheryl Loyd, Jeff Crowe
Quality Assurance by Robin Bradley, Mike Harian, Kevin L. Ray, Sabine Duvall, Jürg Baumann
Bilingual System by Pablo Ghenis
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