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The Last Ninja

aka: Ninja Remix
Moby ID: 1423

[ Acorn 32-bit ] [ Amiga ] [ Antstream add ] [ Apple II ] [ Apple IIgs ] [ Atari ST ] [ BBC Micro ] [ Commodore 64 ] [ DOS ] [ Electron add ] [ Wii add ]

Commodore 64 credits (1987)

8 people with 13 credits.

Concept and principle design Mark Cale
Additional design (logic and mazes) and instructions Tim Best
Storyboard by Tim Best
Programming John Twiddy
Sprite and background graphics Hugh Riley
Additional design John Twiddy, Hugh Riley
Original music Ben Daglish, Anthony Lees
Data Entry Mark Snowball
Produced by Mark Cale, Tim Best
Cover artwork by Steinar Lund (uncredited)
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Credits contributed by S Olafsson, ZeTomes, Bing Bong.