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Lode Runner 2

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[ Macintosh ] [ Windows ]

Windows credits (1998)

48 people (41 professional roles, 7 thanks) with 56 credits.

Original Lode Runner Game Douglas E. Smith
Producers Scott Mathews, Michael Wallis, Robert Wong
Design Andrew Howat, Scott Mathews
Programming Jesse Auerbach, Rich Carlson, Dale Carlson, Scott Shumway, Craig A. Vinet
Lead Artist Garrick Damir
Animation Ken Harris, Bill Hennes
Visual Effects Mike Terpstra
World Artists Nina Chen-Gentile, Dan Ross
Interface Artist Shawn Kelly
Art Director Steve Snyder
Audio Design and Production Paul Gorman
Female Lode Runner Voice Leila Alpers
Level Designer Jareth Modisette
Additional Level Design: Rich Carlson, Dale Carlson, Scott Mathews, Stephen Sefl, Eric Simonich
Prototype Design and Production Jesse Auerbach, Craig A. Vinet
Manual Scott Mathews
Manual Layout Peter Witcher
Product Manager Heh-Kyu Sincock
Product Development Services Director Mary Steer
Marketing Director Evan Stein
Public Relations Lance Seymour
Legal Counsel Melinda Macauley
Lead Tester Dave Afdahl
Tester Sean Williams
Special Thanks To Bill Holt, Edward Murphy, Douglas E. Smith

Developed and Designed by Presage

Lead Programmer Andrew Howat
Special Thanks Cathy

GT Interactive Software

Director of Creative Services Leslie Mills DeMarco
Creative Director Vic Merritt
Production Coordinator Liz Fierro
Graphic Designer Lesley Zinn Abarcar

Quality Assurance provided by Absolute Quality

Sales Manager Carole Foudos

Interactive Demo testing provided by Hardboiled Testing

President Steve Isom
Lead Tester Fred Tsui
Tester Adam Twain, Philip Bailey, Dan Thiel
Special Thanks Mike Ryder, Dave Anderson, Mary Gerardi
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