Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

aka: Indiana Jones V, Indiana Jones e a Máquina Infernal, Indiana Jones e la Macchina Infernale, Indiana Jones et la machine infernale, Indiana Jones und der Turm von Babel, Indiana Jones y la Máquina Infernal
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The year is 1947. Dr. Jones Jr is on a retirement from adventuring, living the life of a scholar and an archaeologist. But soon he meets his old flame ...and new enemies. Soviets are tracking parts of a mysterious, powerful machine from ancient Babylon, hoping to use it as a weapon. They must be stopped from unleashing unspeakable danger from another world.

Are you ready to lead Indy into adventures in lost temples, under mountains and through unexplored mines, for tales of missing artifacts, snake encounters and other things?

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine combined action and adventure in a way the older Indy games did not do. The gameplay is inspired by Tomb Raider, as Indy moves through 3D representations of 17 locations around the world. The game engine is modified from Jedi Knight.

Puzzles based around switches & items; precise jumping must be negotiated on regular basis. You must use ladders, ropes and dinghies as well as moving on foot. You will also find yourself aboard a jeep and a mine cart. Replacements for your standard whip can be collected en route (from Soviet army arsenal), including grenades, sub-machine guns and bazookas. The valuable treasures you find can be used to buy extra ammo (between the levels). After each level you get your score (Indy Quotient) - you must reach all the treasure items cleverly hidden in secret places to get all the points.


  • 印笫安那瓊斯之末日危機 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Average score: 74% (based on 42 ratings)


Average score: 3.3 out of 5 (based on 48 ratings with 4 reviews)

Wow, this is goo... oh never mind... oh Wait!.... never mind

The Good
This game is very back and forth. Whenever there's an action sequence, it's really fun. But then it plunges you into a near impossible puzzle or jump that will drive you insane for hours. However, the inventory items are nice and varied, there are many actions you can perform, the graphics are gorgeous, and the story is excellent.

The Bad
Inexcusable lag tops my list. The game has incredible amounts of lag. It would take a very impressive system to make it move smoothly. It also takes forever to load a level. Second is jumping puzzles. You have to have perfect timing to make some leaps. Third are the maniacally hard puzzles. Sometimes you just have to try pulling on EVERYTHING to solve it, climb everything, and generally waste a good hour on a puzzle. I had to use a walkthrough on almost every level. Fourth, and probably the least annoying, is the difficulty in getting Indy in jussst the right position to do something (i.e: inflating a raft in the water without falling in the water. You need to be riiiight on the edge.)

The Bottom Line
This is a fun game, so it's worth the money. But you should probably have a pretty good system, and a walkthrough. Good graphics and fun gameplay make up for the (many) flaws. 7/10

Windows · by Zorgob (25) · 2002

Fantastic Adventure -- and then came the conclusion

The Good
The Infernal Machine is an enjoyable Tomb Raider rip-off. The location designs are detailed and varied. The numerous levels make for hours of engaging gaming. River-rafting, minecart riding, Jeep Killing (not kidding), etc... there is more to this game than running around on foot and shooting the baddies.

The Bad
The final level is so completely non-Indiana Jones. The game starts to drift into an absurd world of sci-fiction that really detracted from the experience. This isn't to say it was entirely bad. In fact, it only stands out as a problem because it's so incongruous with the rest of the game.

There are moderate clipping issues with the graphics.

The Bottom Line
An enjoyable, and somewhat challenging, action adventure game in the spirit of Tomb Raider.

Windows · by Game22 (35) · 2004

One of the best Lucasarts action games!

The Good
I liked the whole thing! The length of the game (took about 2 weeks to finish, keeps you hooked!), the 3D graphics, the Tomb raider style controls, the music was incredible, the plot was good.

The Bad
The 1 thing I didn't like in this game was that if you got stuck, you couldn't get out. (I know there is a cheat code to get you out sometimes, but it ruins the whole game experience). That's about all that was wrong with this awesome game!

The Bottom Line
EA classics released this as a platinum version for $24.95 AUST. Buy it if you see it. You will get your value for money! If you are not the action adventure type, try Grim Fandango, also in the EA budget range.

Windows · by James1 (240) · 2001

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Due to declining sales of the Nintendo 64 at the end of its life cycle, the only way gamers could get ahold of this title were through two exclusives: Blockbuster Video had an exclusive for rental of the title, and for those who wished to purchase the game, this could only be done through ordering it from the LucasArts website.


  • During the game, if you type "makemeapirate," you'll become a 3-dimensional Guybrush Threepwood. Using the bazooka weapon while "dressed" as Guybrush will produce, instead of a rocketing bazooka shell, the explosive propulsion of a rubber chicken, as Monkey Island-ish Caribbean tropical steel drum music plays on.
  • In the final level, if you wander around through the weightless passages, you'll eventually find the barbershop from The Curse of Monkey Island, with pictures on the walls of people ranging from Steven Spielberg to Max to Jar-Jar Binks.
  • On the overhead map indicating Indy's approach to Teotihuacán, Mexico, one can view among other Central American and Caribbean countries designations for El Marrow, near the base of the Yucatan Peninsula, and Melee Island™, just south from the western edge of Cuba. These fictional locations figure prominently in earlier LucasArts games Grim Fandango and The Secret of Monkey Island, respectively.
  • The jeep Indy finds in the game has the number 1899 on it - his birth year. (So he's 48 here - and still in shape).

Voice acting

While the US version does not feature the original voice of Harrison Ford, the German and Italian versions have his respective official dub voice.

Information also contributed by Daniel Albu, Ghost Pirate, Guy Champan, lechuck13 and Pseudo_Intellectual Rola

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