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Adventures of Tom Sawyer

aka: Tom Sawyer no Bōken
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Tom Sawyer's famous literary exploits come to life in this adventure where you play Tom Sawyer (or Huck Finn in a 2 player game). The adventure begins in Tom's dream while he sleeps in school.

Control in this typical platform game consists of jumping and throwing rocks. Avoid many obstacles such as rolling barrels; defeat persistent enemies such as pirates, mice, and even a giant octopus. Help Tom navigate down the Mississippi River, through forests, haunted houses, and the sky above.


  • トムソーヤーの冒険 - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 40% (based on 5 ratings)


Average score: 1.9 out of 5 (based on 12 ratings with 1 reviews)

Possibly one of the WORST (licensed) NES game EVER!

The Good
There was very, very, very little to like about this game. Ummm... controls were decent and... that's about it.

The Bad
Oh-ho, where to begin. For starters, the gameplay is bland. Jump over a barrel, avoid a seagull, jump, avoid, and so on. What doesn't help the game at all is the fact that you die in one hit. This game isn't exactly easy. So, you can see where this would lead to some problems.

The graphics are garbage. Even for NES. No, I shouldn't say that. I've seen some fairly beautiful graphics on the NES. These graphics are just... bad. That's all there is to say.

The story is...well...it's...Tom Sawyer...sleeping and dreaming...in class...yeah...that's about as good a plot as FAN FICTION! Hell, this game's story makes Lucky Star's plots look like it has a point and means something. Which it DOESN'T...sorry.

The music is completely forgetable. I don't even remember it. Oh well. I'm sure it sucked like the rest of this game anyway, so who cares.

This is just a minor nitpick, but the game over screen is by far the worst game over screen in video game history. If you lose, he...wakes up. No, he doesn't get killed by Freddy Kruger. He just...wakes up. Wow.

The Bottom Line
Don't play this game at all. Not even for free. It's not worth your time or energy. Go play Kingdom Hearts II or Sonic Adventure 2: Battle or any good video game. Just don't, I beg of you, let the creators of this horrid monster of cartridge-based media get the satisfaction of ruining your fun! PLEASE!

NES · by Beep (197) · 2010


Version differences

The order of the levels is different between the Japanese and American versions of the game.

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