Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

aka: 7 Kingdoms AA

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Trevor Chan's empire building real-time strategy game Seven Kingdoms is updated and re-released as a stand alone product. Once again play as one of seven kingdoms as you vie for world domination. Compete on various terrain types including the new snow terrain. Control new kingdoms as Zulus, Indians or Egyptians with new deities.

Single player modes includes campaign with customizable options where you select your own goals, difficulty level, how many computer controlled kingdoms to play against etc. Also play pre-built scenarios and random map generated scenarios. Play with friends online with up to seven players in multiplayer on the internet, LAN or modem.


  • שבע הממלכות - Hebrew spelling

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Average score: 67% (based on 4 ratings)


Average score: 3.7 out of 5 (based on 9 ratings with 1 reviews)

In-depth action packed RTS with unique strategic perspectives

The Good
This is a really well-engineered RTS. Smooth and carrying a lot of powerful detail without any hiccups. The build system is also well thought out and balanced, and offers a multitude of pretty cunning strategies to win your game. The AI is very tough and you can expect a gritty battle every time. With the inclusion of detailed diplomacy, very detailed trade caravanning systems, experience building in units, hero units, mystical creatures, weather and magic, this RTS stands out as one of the best in its generation. Coupled with its fine and smooth programming engineering, this game is designed to last and in many cases exceeds the RTS competition from succeeding years.

The Bad
The graphics are not full 3D. I think they are sprite based. But the sprites are very detailed and there is no sense of loss in continuity or precision. In fact, the graphics design is very detailed in characterisation and it is less clunky than many full 3D RTS interfaces. The other thing to keep in mind is this is very much a deep thinking strategic game, especially against human opponents. Diplomacy is very important because it influences loyalty of citizens in your kingdom. The need to maintain loyalty of your citizens is pretty unique in the RTS genre.

The Bottom Line
It ranks up there in the best of RTS Fantasy alongside Tsar, Age of Mythology and Warlords Battlecry. However, with Seven Kingdom's unique need to maintain your peasant loyalty and other strategic options, a special flavour is given to gameplay which makes this game one which you should really experience to understand how far RTSes can go. Seven Kingdoms is better than Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, which is far more clunky.

Windows · by Hollyoake Addams (33) · 2009


Open source release

In 2009 Trevor Chan and Enlight Software released the source code of the game, including all game data files with the exception of the soundtrack, under the GNU General Public License. A community development project was launched in late August 2009 at, aimed at increasing compatibility with modern systems, improving network play, fixing bugs and eventually porting Seven Kingdoms to other platforms. Since then, the community has released several updated versions of the game for Windows and Linux.

In December 2011, Bjorn Lynne, who wrote the original soundtrack, allowed its use with the open source version of the game, albeit not under the GNU GPL license.

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