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Dr. Sulfur's Night Lab

Windows credits (1996)

61 People (54 developers, 7 thanks)

A McGraw-Hill Home Interactive Production: Design & Production

Activity Content
Chemistry Content
Technical Leads
Software Engineers
Music Composer
Sound Design
Audio Production
Casting & Voice Direction
Studio Facility
  • Hyde Street Studios - San Francisco
Recording Engineer
Project Coordinator
Animation Production
Production Assistants
Test Lead
Chemistry Database
Marketing Manager
VP of Technology & Production
Director of Production
VP of Creative Development
Quality Assurance Manager
Concept and Kid Testing
Design Consultants
Art and Animation
  • Jefferson Eliot Concept Design Inc.
Producer [2]
Production Design
Character Animation
3-D Modeling
Additional 3-D Modeling
Dialog Production
  • Earwax Productions
Script Supervision
Dialog Editing
AFTRA Coordination
Special Thanks to
Smacker Video and Animation Compressor by
  • RAD Software
ONDA Game Engine by
  • McGraw-Hill Home Interactive
Dr. Sulfur's Night Lab is based on an original concept by
  • © 2016 by McGraw-Hill Home Interactive
  • A division of The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.
  • All rights reserved
Dr. Sulfur's Night Lab is a trademark of
  • The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc.
  • All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners

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