A Lot of Universes

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Jump from world to world searching for an interdimensional fugitive. Collect items and use them to resolve tricky situations that threaten to delay your progress.

Scenes are selected randomly and present different problems including social, investigation, combat, healing, and stealth. The right choice isn't cut and dry and items may be used to cover up after a bad idea. The story will play out differently every time and there's no way to memorize the right path so each play feels fresh.

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  • Unity
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Average score: 2.6 out of 5 (based on 1 ratings)

Five minutes of 'Meh!'

The Good
I got this game for free from Steam and I like the idea behind it.

In this game you play a detective tracking down a fugitive who is escaping across the multiverse, they have a five jump headstart and it's your job to catch them. Each jump takes the player to a different scene where they engage another character in a text based dialogue. If they complete the dialogue successfully they make the next jump and are closer to their quarry, if not then they are delayed and the prey gets further away. Too many wrong choices and the game ends with the detective giving up because the trail has gone cold.

The novel idea here is that the scenes are selected at random so in theory each game is different. I played through four or five times and this was certainly the case. I do not know how many scenes there are but I did find scenes from game one repeated in game two.

The concept is a bit different, the music is pleasant but not intrusive, the writing is good - no spelling mistakes or obvious grammatical errors were observed, the artwork is simple but perfectly suited to this game

The Bad
I played the first game through in around five minutes, perhaps a bit less and was left with a great feeling of "Was that it?". I played through a second time, then again and concluded that "Yes, that is all there is". That's not usually a good sign.

The Bottom Line
This is a free game and it does something different so it is worth playing for that alone.

However it finished very quickly and it completely failed to grab my attention or make any impression at all. Perhaps it's me, perhaps I am missing something because what there is is well done. I did replay it a few times but I only replayed it so that I could write a fair review and get some screenshots otherwise once would be enough. So, though there are undoubtedly more scenarios to be discovered I think I'll pass on this one.

Windows · by piltdown_man (228101) · 2020

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