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Take to the waters on an adventure so real you'll swear to never turn back. Chart your course through stunning underwater 3D environments on your expedition in search of the prized shark. Locations, weapons, equipment and prey so lifelike you'll be lucky to get out alive. But if you're one of the lucky few, you;ll reach the shores with a trophy from a successful expedition--and a chance to once again face off against the trophy of the deep.* Navigate through four 3D waterscapes with lifelike scenery, sounds and equipment. * Choose from four weapons in each environment. * True-to-life prey--kill or be killed! * Real-life scuba gear--monitor your air pressure and decompression to survive. * Supplemental equipment--bait,cage and search light.

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Terrible Cash-In on 3D Hunting Genre

The Good
The shark genre is so small and finding anything to do with sharks is exciting

The Bad
The graphics and underwater environments are awful even for the time (1999). It is so difficult to progress due to seemingly random deaths when going up for air. It seems the only way to win is to just speed run the hunt and never get air. The boom stick weapon is also worthless and dangerous to use. I never actually got a kill while using the boom stick.

The Bottom Line
Spawn- find shark (which should be immediately obvious from spawn location) . Shark sees you and goes in a straight line to kill you. Shoot it with speargun until it dies. Repeat this process on all levels. Do not ever go above the seafloor as it will trigger a death no matter where the shark is. Graphics look like flight simulator 5.0 for DOS.

Windows · by Clint Siebert (55) · 2020

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