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Daytona USA

aka: Daytona USA 2001

Critic Reviews 79% add missing review

SuperGamePower (10 out of 10)

Como sonhei com esse momento! Finalmente, depois de seis longos anos, a Sega lançou para Dreamcast o melhor e mais popular jogo de corrida dos arcades! As antigas versões para Saturn e PC, com animações e gráficos bem inferiores, deixaram bastante a desejar, o que felizmente não aconteceu no caso do 128 bits. Aliás, a parte gráfica superou até o arcade.

Feb 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

IGN (9.3 out of 10)

Daytona USA 2001 isn't a perfect racing game. While you can alleviate the control problem right away, let's hope those wizards working on the Daytona online servers can work some magic so "teleporting" cars and the somewhat occasional disconnect drops become less problematic. But we can finally say that that last SEGA console gets a wonderful port of SEGA's flagship racing game that we'll definitely be enjoying even when the Dreamcast takes its last victory lap.

Mar 14th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Gaming Target (9 out of 10)

It’s about the best conversion of Daytona USA you can possibly have. New cars, new tracks, and the ability to race real people online, make this one of the greatest racers ever, period. It’s about time we got a real version of Daytona for the home, although I would have preferred Daytona 2, oh well, maybe one day.

May 17th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Game Chronicles (9 out of 10)

Daytona USA has always set the proverbial bar for all other arcade racers, and Dreamcast owners have been waiting quietly for their favorite racer to appear on the Sega's console. Now that it is here one can only wonder what amazing things Sega will be able to pull off now that they are dedicating all their focus and efforts to software. Daytona USA is the definitive arcade racer, and aside from a few minor control glitches the game is a perfect home console conversion. There are enough added features and improved graphics that you can probably save your quarters the next time you visit the arcade.

Apr 5th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Consoles Plus (88 out of 100)

Un bon jeu de course vraiment dynamique et attachant. Le jeu en réseau offre un intérêt indéniable.

May 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

GameSpot (8.6 out of 10)

Other than its updated physics and sensitive controls, Daytona USA for the Dreamcast really is the return of an old favorite. A greater variety of tracks, cars, and options makes this sequel seem fresh and new, while the addition of Internet play provides an assurance that you'll enjoy the game for many months to come.

Mar 13th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

OJGames (85 out of 100)

Una mejora respecto a la recreativa original, un juego casi perfecto, al que le falta ese algo que sí tuvieron las versiones japonesa y americana. No hubiera estado de más que implementaran en su día opción de linkado a lo bestia para montarte un recreativo con tus amigos, al más puro estilo red de PC’s . Aún así, el juego quedó magnífico, y no es un título online sin opciones online, como en su momento dijeron algunos, pues éste producto es magnífico de por sí. Tan sólo por recortar segundos al crono y dominar los derrapes ya tienes juego para rato. No digamos nada si empiezas a meterte en chorradas. ¡Ahora, qué lindo hubiera sido competir contra varios jugadores en pantallas diferentes!.

Jan 24th, 2007 · Dreamcast · read review

Gamezilla (85 out of 100)

This is a solid racing game with many sought after qualities. Sega though, played it safe and took few risks. Most of the tracks were from past versions of Daytona USA and they attempted little that was revolutionary. What they did manage to do is improve the game enough to make it exciting and worth playing. From gameplay that keeps you ready for more to graphics that immerse you in the race, if you are a fan of racing games you’ll want to have this one.

May 21st, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Power Unlimited (84 out of 100)

Sega's grootste prestatie in de arcades vindt nu zijn weg naar de Dreamcast en ook al is het bijna gedaan met de console... het is nog wel even genieten geblazen.

May 2001 · Dreamcast

Entertainmentopia (B+)

While Daytona is an excellent racing game, and a classic in the minds of many gamers (including myself), the two problems I did find with the game, although minor, will turn off some gamers. Again, the single player features will give you a nice way to spend a couple of weeks (one car takes 100 hours of play to unlock), but the main feature being pushed here is the online player to player gameplay. Seriously consider adding this game to your library, but be advised, prolonged exposure can result in reckless driving, you have been warned.

Nov 18th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

neXGam (8.1 out of 10)

Na dann, Daytona USA 2001 ist ein Pflichtkauf für 'Daytona-holiker' wie ich einer bin. Bei mir ist im Jahre 2000 Weihnachten ausgefallen, ich habe lieber Daytona gedaddelt und bin im TimeTrial mal schnell 160 Runden über den Dinosaur Canyon gefetzt... Halleluja... wie damals zu seligen Saturnzeiten. Wer es nicht kennt, hat es verpasst!! Wer Daytona noch nie gespielt hat, sollte sich mal den Automaten zur Brust nehmen und mal probefahren oder halt die Dreamcast-Version abchecken. Am liebsten würde ich dem Teil 10 Punkte geben, allein wegen dem Gefühl, das beim Zocken rüberkommt, aber wir wollen mal nicht zu reißerisch sein. Das Game ist eines derjenigen, wo ich wieder dieses alte SEGA-Kribbeln verspürt habe... (Lang, lang ist es her...) ein Suchtfaktor wie Crazy Taxi, SEGA Rally, Daytona USA CCE, die Elite eben... nicht umsonst habe ich mal eben so 160 Runden am Stück gebrettert...

2002 · Dreamcast · read review

Gamer's Pulse (81 out of 100)

Painfully predictable drifting, forgiving of the occasional minor wall rub or car collision, fast but with an uncanny balance of acceleration and braking, Daytona for DC is the uber-arcade racer. Don’t expect realism, but tuned car physics that are predictable and certainly more realistic than anything the Ridge Racer series has ever offered. Again, the idea is balance: balanced difficulty, balanced tracks, balanced controls, simple opponent racing lines, tons of fun. The real replay-value doesn’t come from the ability to unlock the four extra cars or all of the track variations, but in wanting to experience over and over the simple racing pleasure. Daytona simply feels right, is the product of an evolution that has spanned two arcade and two Saturn titles. Sega is master of the arcade-racing domain. Buy Daytona, play it online and offline. Do it now.

Apr 23rd, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault) ( )

Daytona USA‘s key selling feature also turns out to be the best part of an overall good package: the Internet multiplayer mode, which lets you race head to head with up to four other drivers from around the world. By keying players to specific accounts, SegaNet allows for statistics tracking and also lets you submit your best runs to be traded to other players around the world. Beyond these online capabilities, players will find an expanded version of one of the most popular arcade racers ever made. More courses, more cars and more gameplay modes make this an extremely complete arcade port. While not necessarily as complete as Vanishing Point, Daytona USA is infinitely more accessible in the short term, and its multiplayer capabilities make it just as satisfying in the long term.

Jun 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Meristation (8 out of 10)

Desde luego tras tantas versiones domésticas más o menos regulares ya era hora de que los fans del original Daytona nos encontráramos con una conversión en consonancia con la saga. Daytona USA 2001 ha resultado colmar todas nuestras esperanzas en cuanto a una versión fiel a la vieja placa Model 2. Todo está incluido en este GD, desde las trepidantes musiquillas, los tremendos sonidos y los característicos circuitos de la saga. El modo multijugador (una lástima que en la misma máquina solo puedan competir dos jugadores a la vez) redondea aun más la impresión final que nos proporciona Daytona USA 2001. Sin embargo también es justo que mencionemos el aspecto de manejo del coche que no es del todo agradable y que nos puede costar bastante acostumbrarnos a él además de la no inclusión de un modo multijugador on-line en la versión PAL y que si pueden disfrutar en USA y Japón (aunque según parece con bastantes problemas de latencia).

May 10th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Gamesmania.de (78 out of 100)

Leider ist auch Daytona USA 2001 keine Arcade-Umsetzung mit der man richtig zufrieden sein kann. Zu viele kleine Schwächen hinsichtlich der Spielbarkeit und der Optik hemmen echtes Hit-Potential. Fans des Klassikers können aber dank der rasend-schnellen Spiel-Engine dennoch ein Wiedersehen mit ihren alten Lieblingen im eigenen Wohnzimmer feiern, das es in sich hat.

Apr 4th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

SegaFan.com (7.7 out of 10)

El juego es todo un deleite visual y auditivo pero por culpa del dificil control y de la carencia de extras puede que no te atrape del todo o que te canses de el demasiado pronto. No es precisamente el juego de coches mas indicado despues de haberte pasado el Metropolis Street Racer. Pero si disfrutaste como un loco con las recreativas o con las versiones de Saturn entonces te aseguro que este Daytona USA 2001 no te defraudará lo mas mínimo. Además ¿quien se resiste a darse una vueltecilla por Three Seven Speedway o por Dinosaur Canyon con el legendario Hornet?

Dec 12th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Planet Dreamcast (7.5 out of 10)

On the whole, this is a solid game, but one that's hard to get really excited about. If Internet play were more solid, it would be much easier to muster the kind of enthusiasm Daytona deserves.

Mar 26th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

GamersMark (7 out of 10)

Once again I got screwed out of $50 bucks for a game that was hyped up by magazines across the land. What does this game remind me of? Oh yea, the $50 I wasted on buying Hydro Thunder, these games are stable mates. Arcady and bland, you just don’t get the same amount of fun sitting in front of a tv with these games as you do at the arcade. The online play is cool though but only 4 players per race and no AI cars which sucks. So alot of races end up spread out. Just rent it, what hell? Just burn the bastard* *I do not support or endorse the act of pirating or illigaly obtaining any form of video games.

Jun 2nd, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Video Games (7 out of 10)

Auch an die Mehrspieler-Modi wurde gedacht, wobei der Online-Modus momentan nur von Japan aus zugänglich ist und sich im Zweispieler-Splitscreen leider ein ziemlicher Bug eingeschlichen hat. Denn sobald der zweite Spieler seiner Steuerung im Optionsmenü anpasst, steuert Spieler eins automatisch das Fahrzeug des Gegners mit! Insbesondere, da Daytona USA 2001 ohne Kalibrierung der Steuerung kaum spielbar ist, wiegt dieser Fehler (der laut Sega aber in der US und PAL-Fassung behoben sein soll) doppelt schwer. Wer jedoch ohnehin am liebsten alleine spielt, erhält mit Daytona USA 2001 einen technisch ausgezeichneten Racer, dessen Steuerung allerdings selbst nach einer längeren Einspielzeit noch sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig ist und damit nicht jedermann Sache sein dürfte.

Jul 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Eurogamer.net (UK) (7 out of 10)

Ultimately, Daytona looks thoroughly presentable, features some stunning graphics and plays like a dream. The sporadic issues with network play, though, are enough to make me think twice about recommending it. There's a lot to unlock and fiddle with through the single player options, and yes it's possible to play split-screen two player anyway, but the network play options, however evolutionary, are too frustrating in their current form.

Apr 19th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

HappyPuppy (7 out of 10)

Even without internet options, the import of Daytona USA 2001 is a graphically perfect translation with a new feel and plenty of extras worthy of your hard-earned cash. If I had only saved up the money I blew at the arcade to invest in that sit-down module.

Jan 30th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

The Video Game Critic (B-)

I'm familiar with the Saturn version of this arcade racer, which was pretty decent despite some horrendous pop-up and headache-inducing music. Thankfully the music has been toned down for this version of Daytona, and the graphics are arcade quality. The game combines simple controls, bright graphics, and pure arcade racing action. I'll take this over a tedious Nascar-style game any day.

Apr 13th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Jeuxvideo.com (11 out of 20)

Daytona USA 2001 passe assez mal le cap de son adaptation sur Dreamcast et souffre principalement de sa maniabilité exécrable. Si les graphismes et la réalisation tiennent globalement assez bien la route ce n'est malheureusement pas le cas des voitures ni du gameplay.

May 4th, 2001 · Dreamcast · read review

Gamekult (5 out of 10)

Daytona USA 2001 ne renie certainement pas ses origines "arcade" dans cette version Dreamcast. Cependant, une maniabilité trop médiocre voire catastrophique ne permet pas d'apprécier ce titre à sa juste valeur. A moins de se procurer un volant ou de passer des jours à calibrer les commandes analogiques, les sensations de pilotage seront très décevantes. Grâce tout de même à une réalisation graphique impeccable et une profondeur de champ ahurissante, les fans acharnés et persévérants éprouveront malgré tout beaucoup de plaisir à retrouver un de leur titres favoris. Vivement tout de même une version européenne pour essayer le mode online...

Dec 23rd, 2000 · Dreamcast · read review

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