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2FAST4YOU: Das superheisse Bi-Fi Race


2FAST4YOU: Das superheisse Bi-Fi Race is a promotional arcade racing game for one or two players that advertises the BiFi meat snack brand to the German audience. The game features fictional cars and arcade mechanics like the use of powerups, like in Super Mario Kart and similar games (e.g. Whacky Wheels).

There are three single-player game modes: competitive racing, timed racing, and the Super Cup. In the first mode, the player needs to win several consecutive races against computer opponents. There are various powerups scattered along the tracks which can give a certain advantage to the player that uses them, as well as BiFi snacks that can be collected, and oil patches that will send any car that drives over them spinning uncontrollably for a while.

The timed race mode has no opponent and requires to complete laps in shortest possible time, while the Super Cup is the same but was a part of a real-life competition: the players could send their score to BiFi, and the five best results would win prizes, including a trip to London.

The two-player races run in split-screen mode. It is possible to race against each other alongside computer opponents, or have a duel between human players on a large, non-linear track.

Like many other promotional games in Germany, 2FAST4YOU was sold (albeit at a much lower price than true commercial games), but a free demo was published on magazine coverdisks and software collections.


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