Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

aka: Les Enquêtes de Nancy Drew: La Malédiction du Manoir de Blackmoor, Nancy Drew 11
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The magnificent Blackmoor Manor is a 14th century castle located in the spooky British moors. Members of the Penvellyn family have lived there for centuries. Now the newest resident of the manor, Linda Penvellyn, a new bride, has secluded herself in her rooms. In total fear, she refuses to see or talk to anyone! Who or what has caused her to be so afraid? Has the mansion been cursed? Has the spirit of the "old witch" returned? Or, is something entirely different going on?

You play Nancy Drew who is requested to go to England and see if she can solve the mystery. Explore all of the rooms in the beautiful Blackmoor Manor searching for clues. You must uncover secrets from the Penvellyn family's illustrious past (as well as the present) by talking to people in and around the estate, finding interesting objects and solving challenging puzzles.


  • Нэнси Дрю: Проклятье поместья Блэкмур - Russian spelling

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Average score: 83% (based on 14 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 19 ratings with 4 reviews)

Looking for a Mystery this Holiday Season?

The Good
Challenging puzzles, interesting characters, fascinating history, immersive gameplay, beautiful graphics!

The Bad
Timed puzzle and rotating maze can be difficult.

The Bottom Line
If you’re searching for the perfect holiday gift this season, let America’s favorite teen detective lend you a hand in finding her latest interactive adventure, The Curse of Blackmoor Manor. She’ll be glad to tell you that in her latest 3D escapade, there are witches and werewolves abound with many surprises around each corner in Blackmoor Manor, where trouble is brewing – and it may be the work of inhabitants past. Your visit to the infamous Blackmoor Manor will involve keeping your eyes peeled for clues to solve over 250 challenging puzzles and escape a possible peril. You will encounter over 5 characters to interact with, all of them suspects in a friend’s recent strange behavior – so don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes. You’ll learn about alchemy, Latin, astronomy, heraldry, and many other fascinating topics while wandering the haunted halls in pursuit of the Beast of Blackmoor. So join your friends and family and take your deerstalker, your magnifying glass – and who can forget their cell phone? – as you step into the shoes of Nancy Drew to solve a bone-chilling, brain-teasing mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end …

Windows · by Ryan Casey (2) · 2004

The most challenging Nancy Drew game yet!

The Good
Has high level of difficulty. Most challenging Nancy Drew game that Her Interactive has created. Secrets, legends, puzzles, and a new twist to the characters are great.

The Bad
Lack of interaction with particular characters.

The Bottom Line
Her Interactive has done it again. They've released a new thrilling game to their series of Nancy Drew mystery games. You, as Nancy Drew, take on your first international mystery with excitement! You've been asked to help solve a mystery surrounding Blackmoor Manor, an old manor that has been in the Penvellyn family for thousands of years. A newly wed to the family, Linda Petrov, has suddenly closed herself in her room and has a curtain shielding her from sight. What has caused her sudden change has the whole family wondering. It is your job to find out why Linda has taken on this change.

You will come face to face with new challenges, and a new spin on the characters, which you are sure to enjoy. The puzzles of this game are much more challenging, just as finding the suspects is challenging. Take time to wander around the ancient building, during both daytime and the night hours. Find out secrets about the manor's past residence, and take time to play with their history. Rumours about a beast and convicted witches runs wild in the family. This is a game that is sure to thrill you, scare you, and maybe even make you laugh.

Windows · by Rianna (2) · 2004

Not the best of Nancy Drew, but definitely worth buying!

The Good
The music wasn't the best, but better then some previous games I have bought. I loved the setting, an old English manor, and the accents and different pronunciations. I loved most puzzles, although some were rather easy or way too difficult. The characters were excellently made. I think the favorite thing with this game is that there finally is a child, and not only adults. She is about as old as me, and it felt more interesting to talk to her and that shes in the kind of mood and opinions as I do. I loved using the cell phone, being able to call most times instead of walking up to a phone or finding it, and searching on the internet. The rooms were beautifully decorated, and the graphics in this game was absolutely fabulous, I think it must be the best graphiced Nancy Drew game yet.

The Bad
There were some tings you had to do over and over and over again. For example, to get hints or to talk to Loulou, the family pet, you had to wait till 2 o clock PM and go in Jane's room and make a special cake for Loulou to eat. Unless she'll refuse to eat. Some puzzles were very frustrating, as they were to hard in my opinion. For some, there would be no hint whatsoever of what it is about and where you'll find clues to manage the puzzle. You had to call and feed Loulou, and maybe investigate for several minutes, to just understand what the puzzle was. Before you find a big, green, glowing rock, you need light sticks from Jane. This is one of the things that you have to do over and over and over again. Once your light sticks run out, which is pretty quickly, you have to go to Jane and win at a game to get a new one.

The Bottom Line
Definitely fun. If you have a short temper and if you're very impatient, maybe this isn't the best Nancy Drew game to start with. This is the most difficult game so far, so if you're very young, you should try some other games before you're older and can play this one. Also, if you're young, you can get one of your parents to play with you. If they're not very busy and stressed, it's also a pleasurable experience for them to play as well!

Windows · by erika hvistendahl (11) · 2005

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