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Lilly Knight and the Three Cities of Lust

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Lilly Knight and the Three Cities of Lust follows the Erotic Exploits of a beautiful Peasant Girl named Lilly, who is chosen by the "Goddess of Lust" to free the world from evil, using her vast sexual talents and carnal experience. It is a third-person adventure game filled with gorgeous environments, humorous encounters and numerous interactive sexual experiences where you control the action.

Lilly Knight is a sexual-adventure game of Epic Erotic Scale like nothing you have ever experienced before, featuring high definition visuals and effects and hours of titillating gameplay. You take on the role of Lilly and explore the land of Elustra, engaging in numerous spectacular sexual challenges.

This amazing erotic adventure features:
Numerous erotic challenges and encounters requiring Lilly to use her vast array of naughty talents. * Ten levels of adventure and erotic excitement spanning three very unique cities within the world of Elustra. * Titillating and Exciting erotic scenes and interactions spanning numerous sexual themes and Erotic experiences, all available to revisit over and over again from the "Scenes" menu in-game. * Simple turn-based combat between Lilly and the vast army of demons that have taken over her world. * Full English voice-over by a number of talented professional Erotic Voice Actresses and Actors, including hours of voice content by the amazingly talented and insanely-Sexy Mia Sloane* as Lilly. * Hours of gameplay that is guaranteed to be sexy, funny and fun from start to finish.

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Credits (Windows version)

13 People

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3D Modeling
Sound Production
Goddess Of Lust
Ned/Zed/Ted/Tree Man



Average score: 3.9 out of 5 (based on 1 ratings)

Not without its problems but fun to play

The Good
There's going to be quite a lot written in the 'What didn't you like about the game' section so it's important to say up front that I really enjoyed this game. It does not take itself too seriously, it's fun and I liked it

The premise is simple. A young girl, well just over eighteen if I remember correctly, has been selected by the Goddess of Lust to fight the demons invading the kingdom. She accepts and off she goes in just her cut off top and panties and straight away she comes up against a big hulking monster which she defeats.
The baddies in this game are all static. If you fight them they wait until Lilly comes close before they attack. They never chase her and they never gang up on her so it's always one-on-one combat.
One of the reasons I liked this game is the combat system. It's simple enough for me to grasp. There are only three options, Lilly can either attack, heal herself, and after a bit of training she can do a little dance that turns into a distraction attack. Dead easy and combat can even be modified or turned off in the configuration settings.
When Lilly dies, she dies and the game can be resumed from the last save point. I've been playing a few Japanese games recently and it was a pleasant change to die and just start again, there's no anime gang-banging or tentacle rape scenes when Lilly is defeated, you lose, you die, you start over.

This game is partially voiced and at first I didn't think that the voice of Lilly was right for the role. She came across as a spoiled American teen which I expected would really grate but I have to admit that she grew on me. Some of the other voices and accents, mainly the princes, sounded like a village hall amateur dramatic society production but the still kinda worked in this game. I did enjoy the dialogue, both written and spoken. Lines like "Yes I have ponytails but they're on my head and that's not where you're looking" and "I see you're naked.... Well, of course I'd love lend you some clothes but it's laundry day and they're all dirty" along with the semi awkward explanations to the recently released royal captives about the sacrifice they had to make to destroy the demonic portals really amused me. Oh! and the voicing of the sex scenes is pretty good too.

The artwork, by which I mean the buildings, monsters and scenery etc, is not wonderful but it is cute and is appropriate for a game in which a mostly naked girl runs around killing monsters. The most important parts of the game, Lilly and the characters she interacts with are well done. OK, she still looks like a perky, pervy, purple haired, plastic Barbie clone but she's reasonably proportioned and moves very well. The men are all hairless, plastic looking, and have dicks as long as their forearms but they too move well.

The sound in the game is good too. The default music is pleasant, sort of lute like, and not at all intrusive so for once I left the background track run throughout the entire game. The rest of the sound comes from swords and the like clashing and odd the animal growl as a baddie attacks. Nothing special that I remember which, perversely, means that the sounds were appropriate to the scene and did not adversely affect the game.

The Bad
Problems, problems, where to start. Let's start with in game camera which can be positioned as the player wishes to get the best view. Lilly cannot enter buildings but when I zoomed out to see if there was a monster nearby I was able to take the camera inside a building across the street. She's also able to walk through some people and bits of scenery but not others and it is possible to lose her in some dark corners when looking for those treasure chests.
This kind of thing has irritated me in other games but I was enjoying the game so all I remember thinking was "This building is hollow" and playing on
On the plus side I did take Lilly out of the game area and had her wading waist deep through the surrounding hill and she never once got stuck in the scenery.

My other negative on this game is concerns talking to characters. Firstly there are some characters who converse via dialogue boxes. No problem with that apart from whenever you get near to them the same dialogue is re-triggered whether it is important or not. I'd have preferred something like "I've nothing more to say unless you want me to repeat myself".
My other sound gripe is to do with the voice acting, or more accurately the relative volume of the voices. This cropped up a few times during the game and could probably have been avoided if I'd used headphones. Lilly has a bright, young, upbeat voice the kind you'd hear above the background babble at a party. Other characters particularly the Goddess of Lust and Lola have a deeper, softer voice and there were places where I missed what they said because I'd turned the volume down to make Lilly's voice level acceptable.

The Bottom Line
I started this on a Saturday afternoon and finished it on a Sunday morning before lunch and that replaying to get screenshots and submitting the game to the database so all in all I'd estimate five to six hours of game play - less if you skip the combat and animations. It has a few issues and not a lot of replay value but I enjoyed it and will remember it fondly.

Windows · by piltdown_man (245891) · 2020


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