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Microsoft Soccer

aka: Microsoft Football, Microsoft Football: Si rĂ©el que vous allez mettre le feu !, Microsoft Futebol, Microsoft Fußball, Microsoft Fußball: Aktion in Höchstform, Microsoft Gol!, Microsoft Gol!: La vera sfida dei campioni!, Microsoft Soccer: Action So Real It Hurts
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Windows version

An mediocre Kick-Off clone that tries to be like the early FIFA games, but falls flat

The Good
The menu presentation is alright and the menu music gets boring real fast. As you would expect, you'll play only on national teams, but without club teams at all (see The Bad), on a stadium that you would change its condition in the rules menu. The players are pre-rendered and are motion captured, similar to FIFA '96. While there is no way to have a night time setting in the game, you can change the weather as well, but it's limited to rain. The sound is mediocre at best, complete with team-specific crowd chants, and the menu music is really limited to 3 songs. Despite that, Dino Dini, who made the Kick-Off series, is credited in the help/about section, so it explains why the game was based off the series. Depending on the team, players look different at least, with hair and skin options in the player editor, or you can change their home and away kits, including the goalie. You can play by modem or internet (since the game is forgotten, play it alone), but no matter what choice you do it's the same.

The Bad
There are no club teams, and you'll get bored of it after 15 minutes. Unlike FIFA '97, there are no adboards with real life companies (Only MSNBC is present, while in FIFA '97 there is only HP). The tournament mode is a bit long, and the AI often scores goals on your team, and they would intercept the ball if you try to score.

The Bottom Line
Buy it for cheap, put it on your old computer and play it for an hour. Overall, it falls flat on its head.

by BlaringCoder (169) on August 9th, 2016

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