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1942: The Pacific Air War Gold

aka: 1942: The Pacific Air War
Moby ID: 1537

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Windows 3.x credits (1994)

39 people (33 professional roles, 6 thanks) with 47 credits.

Game Design Ed Fletcher, John Paquin, Michael Rea
Sound Ken Lagace, Jim McConkey, Mark Reis
Manuals Mark Behlart (History), Joseph Morel (Design & Layout), Cesar Novoa (Design & Layout), John Possidente (Writing), Lawrence T. Russell (History)
Manual Illustrations/Photos Andrew T. Laken, Nicholas J. Rusko-Berger
Packaging John Emory, Moshe Milich
Lead Artist Todd Brizzi
Quality Assurance Leader Andy Mazurek
Simulation Programming Ed Fletcher
Quality Assurance Frank Brown, Walter Carter, Jeff Dinger, Jennifer MacLean, Matt Showalter, Destin Strader, Tammy Talbott, Jim Tricario, Brian Wilson
AI Programming Ed Fletcher
Producer Ed Fletcher
3D Graphics Programming John Paquin
Special Thanks To Tom Basham (Thunk), John Bruning Sr., George Wargo (Ret.), Michael Reis, Steve Johnson, William P. Mack (Ret.)
3D Object Driver Programming Scott Spanburg
Writing Ira Wolfert (excerpts from book _Battle for the Solomons_)
Carrier Battles Programming Michael Springer
Miscellaneous Programming Rick Wittstruck
2D Art Todd Brizzi, Barbara Jeznach, Andrew T. Laken, Erroll Roberts
Opening Sequence Andrew T. Laken
Animations Andrew T. Laken, Susan Ullrich
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Credits contributed by Robert Morgan, Patrick Bregger.