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1942: The Pacific Air War Gold

aka: 1942: The Pacific Air War
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the first realistic WW2 flight simulator

The Good
A serious flight simulation not only a game. Has stalls and energy management ie. lose speed when climb or turning. Gunnery deflection shooting and torpedo realism for speed and height of drop. Some of the AI in this game is VERY good and varied in the combat maneouvers, cool things shoot up a plane so its on fire and SEE the AI pilot climb out and pull his parachute! A huge number of missions and campaigns for fighter, dive bomber and torpedo bomber. Also digitised voices for the US side wingmen and flight controller. Carrier landing and takeoffs are also included.

The Bad
Graphic view range is a bit short ~5km?? But as the graphics are only 320x200 256 colour its understandable. There is little candy with this game, quite bland screens and music, but its a serious simulation.

The Bottom Line
This is the best possible realistic flight simulation that could have been made with the technology of 1994, it runs fine with all details maxed out on a Pentium 60/75. This game is still very enjoyable but its hard to go back to 320x200 graphics in 2005! The Gold version adds some multimedia movies flight training.

Windows 3.x · by taly01 (6) · 2005

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