Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

aka: GTA: San Andreas, GTA:SA, Grand Theft Auto: Sin City
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The events of the game take place in the early 1990s. The player takes control of Carl Johnson (C.J.), who had moved to Liberty City in order to distance himself from his past as a member of a gang in his home city, San Andreas. But the past catches up with him in a way he had not imagined: he finds out that his mother was killed by a rival gang. He goes back to San Andreas to attend her funeral. Realizing how corrupted local police is, seeing how his relatives and friends need him, determined to avenge his mother's death, C. J. has no other choice but to revert to his old ways.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the fifth game in the GTA series. The basic premise remains the same: roam the "sandbox" environments, hijack cars, and complete missions to advance the story. The game's world is significantly larger than in its two immediate predecessors, encompassing three cities and a vast countryside between them, with smaller towns, mountains, rivers, and other places of interest. The interactivity with the environment is enhanced since the player character can now swim and dive, being able to access every corner of the game world.

The missions vary in structure and gameplay, including chases, races, longer and more intense third-person shooter sequences, as well as a wide variety of vehicles to navigate, which range from different new types of cars (such as lowriders), bicycles, motorcycles, to boats, helicopters, planes, trains, and exotic devices such as monster trucks and jetpacks. Some of the missions involve recruiting gang members and attacking turfs belonging to rival gangs.

As in the previous games, there are many activities to perform outside of the missions. Working as a taxi driver, taking part in races, delivering sick people to the hospital, etc., return from the preceding games in the series. San Andreas adds many new activities of its own, some of them with a role-playing flavor. C.J. can go to the gym and work out, increasing his stamina. From time to time he has to eat - though overeating will make him look fatter. He is also able to have romantic relationships with certain female characters, asking them out for dinner, giving them presents, etc.


  • 侠盗车手:圣安地列斯 - Simplified Chinese spelling
  • 俠盜獵車手:聖安地列斯 - Traditional Chinese spelling

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Taking The Series To The Next Level

The Good
First of all, I admit that I’m biased: I’m a sucker for ghetto movies. My favorite movie of all times is Menace II Society, so any game in this genre automatically gets bonus points from me.

That said, let’s have a look at the newest installment of Grand Theft Auto. I can’t help but make comparisons with True Crime occasionally since the games do have a similar theme… but who is better? We’ll find out.

The graphics aren’t extraordinary, but adequate. They don’t shine in quality, but they simply work. Los Santos really looks like Los Angeles, including the tall buildings of downtown, the dirty homes of South Central, and the luxurious mansions on the hills in Hollywood.

What’s even better is the variety: There are three cities and rural areas in-between, and they all have their own, distinct style – just one look at the screen and you can instantly tell in what city you are in right now. It really shows that each area has been designed by a different artist.

From the very first part, Grand Theft Auto has had a tradition in having an excellent soundtrack, and San Andreas is no exception here. Quite the opposite: There are many different radio stations, each one with its own genre of music. The most important one of course is Radio Los Santos, which features excellent work from artists like Dr. Dre and Eazy E from the early 90s (which also is the setting of the movie).

Just like the unedited soundtrack, the dialog is extremely explicit and pretty authentic. It sets new standards as far as language goes. I loved it (and at the same time I wish the M-rating would be taken as serious as the MPAA's R-rating).

The missions deserve a special mention: SA is loaded with missions, and they are all very different. Unlike True Crime, where each mission is simply one of the few types (fight, shoot, drive, with only the character models and background art replaced), every single mission here has its very own flavor. The variety of the missions is as diverse as in barely any other game.

Not just are the missions unique by gameplay, the details also make them worthwhile. In one early mission, you are rapidly driving through the city with three of your homies in the car, trying to shake off some bangers from an enemy hood... while one of your passengers keeps complaining about his fries spilling all over the car.

You might find yourself sneaking into military bases, hijacking cars, scaring people with some aggressive driving (and the person tied to the windshield), speeding through the LA River-equivalent on a motorcycle… it is simply amazing.

Also, as is tradition with each new version of GTA, there are new moves and features: It is now possible to climb over walls, there is a more sophisticated hand-to-hand combat system. There are also lots of minigames, including a DDR-alike dancing game and even a 2-player game where you can go on drive-bys with your girl-friend.

The greatest thing however is the sheer vastness of the possibilities the game offers: In addition to virtually anything you could always do in the previous games, you can now also try to pick up girl-friends, assemble clothes for your character (you can mix and match pants, shirts, tattoos, jewelry, shoes, hats), you can work-out to show off your muscles or eat too much to become a meatball – this is a step towards a role-playing system in the game.

And, as usual, the voice talent has been chosen with great care: While the cast isn’t as star-ridden as Vice City (with exception of Samuel L. Jackson), people who are into this genre will love the classic voices: Mc Eiht and Clifton Collins Jr. (aka Clifton Gonzalez Gonzalez) had both been in Menace II Society, other talents - like Kid Frost or Yo-Yo – were big artists in the early 90s. People from Southern California will also recognize Big Boy from the Power 106 radio station.

I haven’t been talking about the story yet – for a reason. Let’s go for that one next:

Carl “CJ” Johnson, an ex-gangbanger, left for Liberty City several years ago but returns to his home in Los Santos after hearing about the death of his mother. Arriving at home, he finds his old hood torn apart, his friends disrespecting him, and corrupt police officers framing him for murder. As the game progresses, Carl will have to work on all that….

One thing I didn’t like about True Crime was that the missions didn’t seem to accomplish anything. You got into a mission, “do hand-to-hand combat with [generic character A]”, you won, but that character ran away, and that was it. You didn’t feel like that mission helped you in away.

In GTA however, each mission gets you a step closer to a goal. The storyline has several threads; sometimes they run parallel; later on, the plot focuses on a particular thread, then moves to another one, but in the end, it all comes together again. It is not strictly linear, although you will eventually have to work on all threads to progress.

You can feel how you advance – as you help your hood, you see more gangbangers with your color on the streets. As you have more money, you can buy better clothes and homes. Then, when something bad happens, your environment changes. There is one particular event close to the end of the game where the entire city changes. The world seems very dynamic in this way.

The Bad
But why did I put the storyline to the end of the “good” section? Because it’s good and bad. In the beginning, the story starts off just like you would expect: You’re in the hood, you put in work with your homies, the police is after you. You advance, things get better, then something bad happens. This is all very well done and drags you into this entire story… but then, the storyline digresses. A little bit. Then more, and more. At that point, you expect the story to turn back soon – but that doesn’t happen. It makes another turn and another turn, and what started as a ghetto drama with a hoodlum in South Central now involves jet-packs, parachuting, top secret CIA missions, running a casino, helping an annoying nerd…. And feels miles away from the original premise.

This might not be necessarily bad – maybe the game would have been too boring if it had stayed on the same track the entire time. Besides, as you could imagine by just reading the paragraph above, there are many more interesting missions. But still – it felt out of place to me. Then, finally, finally, as you couldn’t get away any further, you end up going back to the hood and start more gang wars to control territory, like you did what seems like years ago.

What is really horrible though is the aiming system. The idea is not too bad: You press R1 and end up in free-aim mode where you can aim at whatever you want and shoot. If there is an enemy nearby, R1 will automatically lock on to this target. Sounds good so far… with the only problem being that if you press R1 and happen to go to free-aim mode, the camera looks at a random position.

Imagine you’re being shot at by somebody, and you can even see that person somewhere in a corner of the screen. You press R1, but the aiming system decides that that person isn’t close enough to the center and switches to free-aim mode, so the camera now looks behind you for whatever reason and you end up turning your back to your enemy! This has cost me many lives and would have been totally avoidable. I can’t believe that QA didn’t catch that.

Most of the missions are balanced neatly, but some of them are just too long. The problem is that if you fail it, you’ll have to go back to the mission’s origin, wait through the loading times, and play that mission again from the beginning. Some of them have several sub-sections, some of them easy but long… so you’ll end up playing the same thing again and again.

The role-playing element is nice, but could have used some more tweaking. You are supposed to eat to bump up your health after getting hurt, which in turn will make you fat so you have to work out to avoid becoming a greaseball… but in the end, all I did was save the game after each mission, which automatically filled my health back to max. So what’s the point of eating then? I finished the game without eating once.

Speaking of which, I’m still not fond of the saving system. You can only save at property you own. This is an inconvenience that doesn’t a lot of sense. After each mission, I had to drive to a property to save. If you die, you end up in front of the police or a hospital with all your weapons gone. And you still have to somehow get back to a mission origin to restart a mission. So I ended up just reloading the game instead.

And, like most games, well, there are still some bugs left. The collision system particularly has some flaws, I fell through the collision several times (i.e. slipped through the ground).

And a final note about the CJ character: He is supposedly a thug from the hood, he says all those badass one-liners when killing people… but then again, he often acts like a wuss. He helps out this stereotypical nerd – okay, it is for his own advantage since he later benefits from that nerd’s technical knowledge – but a real banger would never act in that way. It is simply out of character.

The Bottom Line
This game is awesome. I love it. A lot of work has gone into it, and you can tell. I loved the huge amount of possibilities this game offers.

One last thing I’d like to add though. This is more of a pet peeve of mine, but still: Back in the early 90s, the age of movies like Boyz N The Hood, Menace II Society, and the story of San Andreas, hip-hop was real, because gangbanging was real.

Now, things have changed a lot. There are still countless Blood and Crip sets, but things are very different, and therefore hip-hop has turned into a commercial franchise. It has become very popular among white people who all of a sudden start pathetic attempts at speaking Ebonics and talking about blastin’ their nines, yo. This is starting to be really annoying, and I fear that San Andreas will just make all this more popular. Its huge success has moved other game companies to follow suit – there are many more games like this released very soon.

And, as I mentioned before, I’m also worried about the lax regulations regarding M-rated titles. My girl’s 10-year-old nephew (who is black) knows about this game, and so do his friends. Virtually every line of dialog in this game talks about my motherf<span style="background-color: #000000; color: #000000">@#</span>ing n<span style="background-color: #000000; color: #000000">!$</span>az, and this is nothing I want the kids to be exposed to. I love movies and games for mature audience, but I wish parents had more sense to make sure that the audience stays mature only – this game just raised the bar by a tremendous amount.

PlayStation 2 · by EboMike (3080) · 2004

The GTA series just keeps getting better and better.

The Good
In this installment you play CJ, a Los Santos native returning to his home town for his mother's funeral, who quickly re-acquaints himself with his brother, sister and other members of his old 'hood. As with the other GTA games, you find yourself quickly drawn into a world of crime, both organized and not-so-organized. The story has real depth and the various plots and sub-plots are well developed and quite immersive. Some of the missions can be a little tricky to crack, which adds to the challenge, but some are just pure unadulterated fun. Imbed yourself deep enough in the character and you can get really wound-up by the various twist and turns that CJ experiences.

Now for how it looks and plays...

Graphically superb. With a decent system it looks simply stunning. Night and day are handled very well as are the various weather effects. The cars, bikes, planes, boats, etc., all look great and the buildings are very nicely drawn. Up close, the people look a little odd due to the less-than-stellar polygon count, but it's easy to forgive given the scale and depth of the game.

The sound effects and speech are excellent and help develop the fully immersive nature of this game. Music was well presented, as always. Usually I turn off in-game music, but I kept it on for ages in this game. While the music is not to my particular tastes, it does fit the game very well.

The cars, bikes, planes and boats all handle convincingly for the most part. The motion blur at high speeds can be a little disorientating, but I enjoy it. It helps you realize that you're not travelling as fast as you would like to. The layout of the cities and countryside is excellent. Take a long drive to San Fiero and you feel like you're actually going somewhere, although if you grab a bike or a 4WD and go cross country you notice how small the world actually is.

There are plenty of little sub missions which don't advance the story in any way, they just add to the depth. You've got the stadium races, the road races, the flying courses, delivering various 'packages', and so on. They all have a reward which makes them worth doing, but they're not essential - just fun!

I love the open nature of this game. Just as it's predecessors, you can go anywhere and do almost anything. You can spend ages just wandering around and admiring the beauty of the scenery. And there's a lot of fun to just messing around - go for a cruise in a cool car, try some insane stunts on a motorbike, low flying a jet under bridges, checking out your neighbourhood on a BMX, or base-jumping off skyscrapers.

The Bad
This game, as with the previous GTA titles, was developed for the PS2 and ported to the PC. As a result, some of the control concepts and systems are console-inspired which can be a little frustrating to long-term PC gamers, like myself. For example, the flight controls are non-intuitive for someone brought up on classic Microprose flight sims. And if you change your keys so you can fly easily, you'll find other actions like running and driving completely messed up.

Some of the missions annoy me, not because they were hard or stupid, but because they just didn't seem to fit well in the game. I won't spoil anything for anyone who hasn't played it yet, but it's a personal thing - everyone will probably have missions that bug them.

Then there are a few minor niggles that always seem to crop up in these games. The talk radio station lacks the humour of the previous GTA titles, the need to eat to keep your strength up (actually I don't mind this, but I know a lot of people do), the whole dating sub-plot (easily ignored unless you crave that 100% completion). On the whole these do little to detract from the overall game experience.

The Bottom Line
When the original Carmageddon came out almost a decade ago, I was blown away by the ability to drive anywhere I liked. At the time I thought: "All we need now is the ability to get out and wander around, and it'd be perfect." The GTA series was the first games that really brought that out. GTA3 and GTA4 were awesome, but it always bugged me that I couldn't swim. Now you can. In fact you can walk, run, swim, fly, cycle, drive, ride and even jump in the back of someone's pickup truck and be driven around to explore this world. In fact, there's practically nothing this game won't let you do.

Windows · by Steve Hall (329) · 2006


The Good
Immense scope and open-world gameplay Engaging storyline with memorable characters Impressive level of player freedom and exploration Diverse range of missions and activities Soundtrack that enhances the atmosphere

The Bad
Outdated graphics and visuals Clunky controls and mechanics compared to modern games Occasional technical glitches and bugs Controversial and mature themes may not appeal to all players Limited character customization options

The Bottom Line
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an aged game that left a lasting impression on me as a kid. Its vastness and endless possibilities ignited my imagination and provided countless hours of fun. However, looking at it now, the game clearly shows its age, and my expectations have shifted. By today's standards, it falls short in various aspects. Nonetheless, playing San Andreas today still evokes a strong sense of nostalgia. While it may not live up to modern standards, it remains a cherished part of gaming history that takes me back to a time when its vast open world captivated my young mind.

Windows · by ramenrolled · 2023

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This... damn... Learning To Fly mission!! Unicorn Lynx (180476) May 17th, 2007


1001 Video Games

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas appears in the book 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die by General Editor Tony Mott.

Australian release

Sex and nudity in computer games is unacceptable in Australia. As if to prove this, the Attorney-General of that country launched an investigation into claims that users who owned GTA: San Andreas could unlock a hidden sex scene in the game using the "Hot Coffee" mod. On July 29, 2005, this investigation saw San Andreas lose its MA15+ rating, which means that the game can no longer be sold in the country.

However, a revised version of the game was submitted on September 12, 2005. This modified version had the offending content removed.

Big Foot

Thousands of Gamers, are Looking for a "Big Foot", and attempting to take pictures of it from the in-game camera. No one has yet confirmed its existence, but many photos gamers have taken resemble an rather big feature in the woods. Trees uprooted, and weird noises can be heard in the section of the map called "Back o Beyond". Also many alien and ghost sightings have been reported.


One of the missions early in the game (in Los Santos) ends with your gang jumping out of the car just before it goes right through a billboard and explodes on a highway. Before this happens, the billboard bears a standard commercial with the inscription: "Taste of things to come". However, after the car has passed through it, you'll see that the middle part of it has been destroyed. If you examine the billboard again, it will read: "Taste of... come". Try pronouncing the sentence without thinking of the spelling, and you'll realize it is another example of the game's "nasty" sense of humor.


The three cities in San Andreas and other areas in the game represent real locations in western America. Los Santos represents Los Angeles, with its high crime rate and street gangs, as well the "Vineland" sign hanging over the north of the city representing the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. San Fierro represents San Francisco, and includes many striking similarities with San Francisco like the Golden Gate Bridge, the fort under the bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard Street, and the steep streets of San Francisco. Las Venturas represents Las Vegas, with its casinos and the "Las Venturas Strip".

Also, many other areas in the game represent areas in western America. The woodlands in San Andrea represent the great redwood forests found in California. In the desert area, the restricted area section is obviously Area 51, the dam is the Hoover Dam, the big satellite represents the SETI program, the Indian reservation pokes fun at Indian casinos, and the abandoned airfield is reminiscent of aircraft graveyards found throughout the southwest. All of these things can be found in the southwest of the America.

As well, the initials of San Andreas's cities are the same of those of the cities in real life. While Los Santos does not work for it, San Fierro has the same initials and first word as San Francisco, and Las Venturas has the same initials and first word as Las Vegas.

As well, when turned to the side, the map looks strikingly like the state of California next to the state of Nevada, with the river between being the state border.

The Watts Towers in East Los Santos should have been placed in Ganton because East Los Santos is based on East Los Angeles and Ganton more resembles the Watts district found in South Central Los Angeles, where the famous towers are located.


The gangs of San Andreas are based on real gangs in California and elsewhere. They are changed around by colors and names. * Orange Grove Street Families: Color is Green, located in Ganton. Based on Crips. Their color is Blue and located in Compton. * Temple Drive Ballas: Color is Purple and located in Greater Los Santos. Based on Bloods. Their color is Red and located in Compton. * Varrios Los Aztecas: Color is Turquoise and located in East Los Santos. Based on Los Surrenos XIII. Their color is Blue and lcoated in Southern California. * San Fierro Rifa: Color is Green and located in San Fierro. Based on Los Nortenos XIV. Color is Red and located in Northern California.

Golden Gate bridge

If you search in the surroundings of the "Golden Gate" bridge (going from the north and taking a path to the left), you will find a sign with interesting information about the bridge that connects Las Venturas and San Fierro. This sign shows us the "bridge facts" which are:* length - 150.7 m * height - 60.3m above sea level * 16000 polygons inc. LODs * 600m draw distance * 11 textures * Takes up a staggering 1.27mb of disc space.

Guinness World Records

As of 2008, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is listed by Guinness World Records as the game with the largest in-game soundtrack and the largest voice cast in a video game.

Hot coffee mod

During development, "girlfriend missions" were planned. You could not only stop for coffee at their house, but also have a "mini-game" with them. All you needed to do was tap the keys to build up the excitement. Rockstar disabled this before shipping, but the Dutch gamer Patrick Wildenborg hacked into the PC version and re-enabled it. The mod can be downloaded here.

Said mod, dubbed "Hot Coffee" mod, became the downfall of the PC version. It sparked a huge controversy where politicians from all corners, including Hilary Clinton, starting bashing onto the ESRB.

Rockstar at first blamed the hackers for inserting the minigame into the code, but GameSpot later confirmed that the code for the minigame was already in the PS2 version and could be unlocked using hacking tools like Action Replay Max.

Following an investigation, the ESRB re-rated the game from M to AO, Rockstar stopped manufacturing the game immediately and worked on a new version that allegedly removed all traces of the mini-game.

Following the new AO rating, after the Hot Coffee scandal, several retailers such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Circuit City and even GameStop took the game off their shelves, as part of a policy not to sell Adult-Only software.


The Hunter is AH-64A Apache. The only flaw is the cockpit isn't as big and it holds only one person, instead of two.


  • In the mission titled Wrong Side of the Tracks there are some of the Hispanic gang standing by a billboard before they jump onto the train. The billboard has an advert which says True Grime - Street Cleaners the font is identical to the title of True Crime: Streets of L.A.
  • In the mission Madd Doggs Rhyms you have to sneak around Madd Doggs mansion. When you sneak past one of the gangsters who is playing a computer game he says "Tanner you suck". This is a poke to the main character in the Driver games.
  • In Zero's RC Shop there are action figures for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Manhunt on the shelves as well as other titles by Rockstar.
  • If you choose to steal oil from a gas station as the first mission for Catalina, you'll see, for a brief moment, the words "Max Pane - Bulletproof Windows" on the window, which is a reference to Max Payne series.
  • In Los Santos, head to the cemetery in Vinewood. Go into the crypt. Inside there is a couple of tombs, a TV set and some pizza boxes. This could be a reference to Spike's hideout in the TV series Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.

References to the game

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was parodied in an episode of "Die Redaktion" (The Editorial Team), a monthly comedy video produced by the German gaming magazine GameStar. It was published on the DVD of issue 10/2005.


Ryder is influenced by the late rapper and former N.W.A member Eazy-E, who also founded Ruthless Records. The character design looks just like the rapper's signature look: Jheri Curls, black sunglasses, and the famous "Compton" cap replaced with San Andreas. But he is voiced by MC Ehit of Compton's Most Wanted, who provided the track "Hood took me under" for Radio Los Santos.

Eazy-E died March 26, 1995 at 6:35 PM from AIDS. He made peace between Ice Cube and Dr. Dre right before his death. His prodigy, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, made a song in honor of their mentor. By order of the Mayor of Compton, Eazy-E day is celebrated every year in Compton.


San Andreas eclipsed the sales of every other game in the United Kingdom on its launch weekend and even beat the UK's biggest ever film box office opening weekend, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It also received extensive mainstream media coverage, unlike any other game.

Tie-ins to the predecessors

  • The original Grand Theft Auto included three cities: Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas. Since the first two cities were remade for the PS2 (Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City), it made sense that the third city, San Andreas, would be the third game in the PS2 series. This, of course, held a huge role in the ongoing debate on whether the game would be titled "San Andreas" or "Sin City".
  • This game features numerous characters from the previous games built on the Grand Theft Auto III engine, including (but not limited to): Fido (main character from the first game), Salvatore Leone, Maria, Ken Rosenburg, Kent Paul, Maccer (from Lovefist), Catalina (who shoots Fido at the beginning of GTA3), and more.
  • In the mission "Farewell, My Love", Carl Johnson meets a man before entering a race. He does not say a word. This man is the "Silent Guy" or "Fido", the main character from GTA3.
  • The mission "Saint Mark's Bistro" has CJ travel to Liberty City to deal with the Forellis at the restaurant of the same name. The restaurant exterior is faithfully remodeled from Grand Theft Auto III.
  • A large neon sign of Avery Carrington can be found in downtown Las Venturas, a tribute to the real estate capitalist from GTA: Vice City. Being a real estate mogul, Carrington would have obviously wanted to get a piece of property in booming Las Venturas.

Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton got his role as Richard Burns after being interviewed by Lazlow Jones, the primary script writer for the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Wheaton admitted his abundant admiration for Jones' work on the games, and Jones eventually worked out the Richard Burns character specifically for Wheaton. He recorded the voice work in a Rockstar Games studio in about two hours.


  • 4Players
    • 2004 – Console Game of the Year
    • 2004 – Best Console Action Game of the Year
    • 2004 – Best Console Direction of the Year
    • 2004 – Best Console Voice-Acting of the Year
    • 2004 – Best Console Successor of the Year
    • 2005 – Best Licensed Soundtrack of the Year
  • Computer Games Magazine
    • March 2006 - #8 PC Game of the Year 2005
  • GameSpy
    • 2004 – #3 Game of the Year
    • 2004 – PS2 Game of the Year
    • 2004 – PS2 Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
    • 2005 – #3 Xbox Game of the Year
    • 2005 – #4 PC Game of the Year
    • 2005 – PC Action-Adventure of the Year
    • 2005 – Dumbest Controversy of the Year (PC) (for „Hot Coffee“)
    • 2005 – The Maxwell House Award for Hottest Coffee (Xbox)
  • GamePro (Germany) February 2004 - Best Console Game in 2004* February 2004 - Best Console Action Game in 2004

  • PC Powerplay (Germany)

    • Issue 04/2006 - #1 Action Game in 2005 (Readers' Vote)
    • Issue 02/2006 - #2 Best Game in 2005
    • Issue 02/2006 - #2 Action Game in 2005

Information also contributed by B14ck W01f, EboMike, Emepol, festershinetop, Matt Neuteboom, MegaMegaMan, Robb Sciere, tbuteler Tiago Jacques and Unicorn Lynx

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