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Cubed3 (6 out of 10)

If Kite had been released in the early '90s it would be one of the biggest hits of the time. This is 2018, however, and nostalgia, while a strong marketing tool, is not enough. Sure, the action is fast and relentless, and it's a pleasure to use the many weapons at hand to wreak some havoc. Unfortunately, it all becomes repetitive too soon, even if you take the grinding for upgrades out of the picture.

Mar 28th, 2018 · Windows · read review

Geeks Under Grace (2.5 out of 10)

Kite is an exciting game that offers much to both long time fans of the shoot em up genre as well as newcomers. It's surprising but not intimidating depth ensures that the game offers a level of complexity without sacrificing its fast paced nature. The game suffers from a bug preventing progress past a certain point, however. The experience is still fun, but until this is fixed, it is a frustrating end to what would otherwise be an excellent game.

Apr 4th, 2018 · Windows · read review

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