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Starsky & Hutch

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Game Boy Advance credits (2003)

34 people (26 professional roles, 8 thanks) with 37 credits.


Directed by Martyn Lane
Lead Programmer Alastair Dukes
Additional Programming Stephen Hey
Game Design Paul J. McKee
Additional Design Gavin Moles
Art Paul J. McKee, Gavin Moles
Sound & Music Allister Brimble
Sound Engine Michael Delaney

Empire Interactive

Producer Danny Rawles
Executive Producer St├ęphane Bonazza
Cut Scene Artwork and Design Maya Gavin, Ben Willsher, Steve Packer, Leigh John, Debra Danu Matthews
Original Music Tim Follin (as Tim Follen)
Original Story Matthew J. Costello
QA Manager David Cleaveley
Lead Tester Mark Jones
Testers Phillip Octave, Richard Naughten, Ryan Kalis
Marketing Chris East
Project Manager Adrian Arnese
Production Anthony J. Bond Jr.
Packaging: Artwork & Design Philip Goldfinch, Jayshree Mistry
Manual Danny Rawles
Special Thanks Steve Hickman, David M. Pringle, Stuart Howitt, Steve Holley, Dave Sullivan, and, Mark Caplan (at Sony Pictures Consumer Products), Eric Thomsen (at Sony Pictures Consumer Products)
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