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Joana's Life

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In a peaceful part of the town, a series of deaths occur, seemingly random at first, but gruesome in their nature. One day, you find an object that doesn't belong in your house. An old, worn-out, stained mirror. That is the very moment when you'll discover that the simple mirror isn't the only thing that is out of place.

Explore the thriving streets of the small suburban area, search through the abandoned houses stained by gruesome past, and find out what haunts you through the silver pane of glass. As the game progresses and the more you approach the root of all horror, you'll realise that not everything is what it seems.

Peace together fragments of the past events, read between the lines, and look at things from a different perspective. All alone in the crowd, the cold grip of a confused and consuming rage will coarse through your veins.## Features:

  • A detailed and AI populated game world.
  • A Haunting game atmosphere and soundtrack.
  • Make the most of the Mirror mechanic - some things are not what they seem at first glance.
  • A Gripping story woven through the environment, puzzles and in-game events.
  • Mystery style game-play. You must explore and search out clues and objects. The game will not hold you hand.
  • Multiple choice endings.

Source: Steam Store Description

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