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The malignant electron carrier "nuruon" has infiltrated the topolon nanocircuit, and it's up to the player to flush it out. Players control a probe which can move along lines to reach any node in a circuit. By touching a node, players can move a nuruon to another node; they fissure and each part escapes to all adjacent nodes connected via a wire. If an even number of nuruons are gathered on a single node, they disappear. Players can also touch an empty node to attract nuruons gathered on adjacent nodes. By carefully choosing their actions, players can eliminate all nuruons on a level; a level is complete once every nuruon is removed. Aside from regular nuruons, players can also encounter two other kinds: megaons, an evolved form of nuruons, which must be eliminated in multiple steps; and petitons, the infant form of nuruons, which will evolve into regular nuruons after a period of time. The topolon loses electricity over time as nuruons grow, so players need to be careful to eliminate as many as possible before its power is entirely depleted.

There are a few different game modes:

  • 1 minute game - Players play for one minute and compete to see how many stages they can clear. Topolons don't have a power meter in this mode, so players can't lose by running out of power.
  • 5 stage game - Players try to see how many points they can accumulate over five stages, without a fixed time limit.
  • Endless game - Players play for as long as they can before losing power.


  • G-MODEアーカイブス25 TOPOLON(トポロン) - Switch title - Japanese spelling
  • トポロン - Japanese spelling

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