Mega Man 3

aka: Mega Man III, Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!?, Rockman 3: Dr. Wily's Time to Die!?, Rockman Complete Works: Rockman 3: Dr. Wily's Time to Die!?
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MegaMan(r) III
Anything else you need to know?

SnakeMan, HardMan, GeminiMan, MagnetMan, NeedleMan, ShadowMan, SparkMan and TopMan. They're the eight new robotmasters in MegaMan 3. Defeat them all and you'll still have Dr. Wily to deal with. And possibly even a few of your old enemies from 1 and 2. Okay, now the only question that remains is how fast you can get to the store and get 3.

You'll slide through secret tunnels to avoid bulldozing robots.

It's hard to top TopMan's dangerous spins.

(Source: between pages 16 and 17 of "Superman", Issue 53, March 1991)


magazine advertisement - NES (US)

Only Mega Man can save the day! Battle eight new Robot Masters in the third installment of the series.

Original Release Date: September 1990

In the year 200X, the notorious Dr. Wily, having reformed and now working for the forces of good, works hand in hand with Dr. Light to build a new type of peacekeeping robot. When a new set of eight Robot Masters escape the lab to wreak havok on the world at large, only Mega Man can save the day! This time, Mega Man must rely on his new slide move and his canine companion Rush to conquer the stages and vanquish evil.

A new character, Proto Man, adds to the mystery and appeal of this next title in the famous action game series.

This game is only playable in 2D.

Source: - Nintendo 3DS (US)

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