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Internet League #Blaseball: The Discipline Era

Brought to you by The Game Band
Special thanks to

Blaseball: The Expansion Era

The Game Band Is
With Help from
The Blaseball Roundup
Special Thanks to
Thank you to the Animals that help us through
  • Gnome
  • Brisket
  • and Sneakers Ceviche Violence
  • Amos and Barley
  • the dynamic duo
  • Cocoa
  • the Keepers' beloved
  • Juniper and Luna
  • Joel's Plants
  • Every Single One
  • Ellie
  • Foxy and Frankie
  • Alby
  • Buster
  • and Fish
Thank you to all of the Fans who participated in the Blaseball Beta
  • The Fans of the Atlantis Georgias
  • The Fans of the Baltimore Crabs
  • The Fans of the Boston Flowers
  • The Fans of the Breckenridge Jazz Hands
  • The Fans of the Canada Moist Talkers
  • The Fans of the Charleston Shoe Thieves
  • The Fans of the Chicago Firefighters
  • The Fans of the Core Mechanics
  • The Fans of the Dallas Steaks
  • The Fans of the Hades Tigers
  • The Fans of the Hawai'i Fridays
  • The Fans of the Hellmouth Sunbeams
  • The Fans of the Houston Spies
  • The Fans of the Kansas City Breath Mints
  • The Fans of the LA Unlimited Tacos
  • The Fans of the Mexico City Wild Wings
  • The Fans of the Miami Dale
  • The Fans of the New York Millennials
  • The Fans of the Ohio Worms
  • The Fans of the Philly Pies
  • The Fans of the San Francisco Lovers
  • The Fans of the Seattle Garages
  • The Fans of the Tokyo Lift
  • The Fans of the Yellowstone Magic
  • The Fans of Teams not listed
  • The Fans who create art
  • The Fans who write stories
  • The Fans who chart graphs
  • The Fans who just vibe
  • The Fans who bring us all together
  • There are many Teams
  • but only one League
  • Without You
  • Blaseball would just be a Book of Rules

Blaseball: The Coronation Era / Ending

The Commissioner of Blaseball
  • Parker MacMillan IIIII
Studio Management
Game Design
Trans-media Narrative and Marketing
Growth Marketing
Product Design
Community Design
Community Moderators
Volunteer Moderators (The Keepers)
Special Thanks
Our Community
  • The Chroniclers
  • The Artists & Writers
  • The Shitposters
  • The Musicians
  • The Fundraisers
  • The Spreadsheet Keepers
  • The Posters
  • The Helpers
  • The God Killers
  • The Fans
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