Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

aka: Baten Kaitos: Die Schwingen der Ewigkeit und der verlorene Ozean, Baten Kaitos: Las alas eternas y el océano perdido, Baten Kaitos: Le ali eterne el'oceano perduto, Baten Kaitos: Les ailes éternelles et l'océan perdu, Baten Kaitos: Owaranai Tsubasa to Ushinawareta Umi

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The existence of Earth, a planet of continents surrounded by deep oceans, has long become a mere legend. People live now on islands that are floating high in the skies. They also have wings - "Wings of the Hearts" - growing on their backs. Kalas is a young man who was born only with one wing - he replaces the second with an artificial wing manufactured by great masters. He is on a quest to find the murderers of his grandfather and his brother. He meets a girl named Xelha, who is out to stop an evil conspiracy that threatens the country, and they join forces against the newly appeared evil.

In this game, you don't only control Kalas and his party, but also play the role of Kalas' Guardian Spirit. From time to time Kalas will pose questions to you and ask for advice. Your answers will determine Kalas' general disposition and also his behavior in battles.

The gameplay system is largely based on cards. Many items in the game - from weapons to simple items like trees or milk - possess a so-called "Magna essence", which allows you to store it and to transform items into cards that you can later use in battles as weapons, attack spells, defensive moves, or for healing purposes. The enemies in the game are not random, but visible on the screen. When you contact an enemy, a turn-based battle begins. Your party is dealt with a set of random cards from your inventory, and you must plan your turn according to the cards you have.


  • バテン・カイトス 終わらない翼と失われた海 - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 83% (based on 40 ratings)


Average score: 3.5 out of 5 (based on 37 ratings with 2 reviews)

An excellent game for any gamer new or old to the RPG genre

The Good
>The Graphics<
The graphics are some of the best graphic available on the Game cube hardware and in no doubt beats some of the best on the PS2 and Xbox with-all-due-respect, with the exception of the PAL version few frame judder that occur sometime because of the PAL 50Hz conversion form the NTSC 60Hz North America version that plays perfect.

The Background Music<
If you know true music (scene suiting breathtaking excellent music) then you know Baten Kaitos has stupendous music, soundtracks competing to that of the famous Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy Music composer)

English character voices<
The voice actors did an outstanding job with the amount of heart and soul they put in to reading there scripts.

The game-play mechanics and difficulty level<

The game-play mechanics can become somewhat difficult at first to new comers as it is based on a card system; however, if one puts their mind to it shouldn’t be a problem. The game does become difficult if you don’t concentrate on levelling up so it’s advisable to level up.

The games story: appealing or not<
Baten Kaitos has a gripping storyline that indubitably will have you at the edge of your seat and unwilling to switch the game off.

The Bad
>The Graphics<
The PAL version of Baten Kaitos has a few frame judders that occur sometime because of the PAL 50Hz conversion form the NTSC 60Hz North America version which plays perfectly nothing to major.

English character voices audio<
Sadly because of the data size limitation of the Game Cube game disc (1.4 GB) the voice audio sound quality where down sampled to the point that the voice actors sound like there voice where captured from a long distant phone call, in other worlds like an bottle effect, keep in mind that roughly at the time the Game Cube was launched the PS2 and Xbox already supported full DVD5 (4.7 GB) and DVD9 (8.75 GB) games. However I think it was for the best that Baten Kaitos was released on the Game Cube and this can be overlooked as other points of the game outweigh it however one would hope that Namco re-released Baten Kaitos on the Wii fully uncompressed with added bonus furthers.

The Bottom Line
If you love games and fancy a RPG that has a gripping storyline with stupendous graphic and music at an affordable price then Baten Kaitos is the game for you, I recommend it; I simply loved Baten Kaitos to bits so much so that I had to import Baten Kaitos Origins from the US.

I'll give Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean 8/10 score.

GameCube · by Games_consultant (5) · 2007

Baten Kraptos: Eternal Ripoff would have been a better title.

The Good
Nintendo’s Gamecube is a console starved of RPGS. With so few one would hope that like the RPGS of the Dreamcast that it was quality over quantity. This is not the case with Baten Kaitos.

There is really nothing redeeming about this one. Even if this is the only Gamecube RPG you have not played I still cannot recommend it.

The Bad
The plot in Baten is not unique, nor is the setting. We have seen the “evil empire” plot to many times before. Just about every Final Fantasy game from FFII on have used this. We have seen the main character is a prick plot as well. If the leader of the party is such a prick why does every one follow him? The plot is also slow. So slow. Nothing of consequence happens in the first 20 hours! Furthermore all the party members are boring cookie cutter types that we have all seen before. And did a blind man design them? Look at the way they are dressed! No one would leave the house dressed like that. It is almost as bad as FFVII’s design.

The setting of Baten may seem original at first glance, but it two is not. It has been done in better games, like Skies of Arcadia. Unlike what some fellow Moby Gamers might say that was one of the best RPGS of the last 10 years.

The battle system is also called original. But yet it is just a stupid card game, disguised as a battle system. Often your success in battle depends on what card are in your deck. This for some reason is randomized. Some may claim that this makes the game more challenging. A game should not be challenging for a reason like this! Difficulty in a game should come from needing to use a certain strategy. Or needed to be a certain level. Not because of some random bullshit.

The Graphics are for the most part pre-rendered…why? Pre-rendered graphics were made for a time when true 3D did not look very good, as in the Playstation era. With the power of the Gamecube it seems kind of stupid to use such a dated graphic style.

The sound is not very good either. Why is there so much text in a CD game? And I would swear that the music is in MIDI format!

The Bottom Line
Overall Baten Kaitos, is as boring and clichéd and just as forgettable as it’s name. Recently Namco announced Baten Kaitos II. This makes me angry for so many reasons. Where is Shenmue III, or Skies of Arcadia II, or Phantasy Star V, Or Earthbound III, Or Anachronox II? So a piece of crap game like Baten Kaitos gets a sequel, but none of the choice games I just mentioned do, where is the justice in that?

GameCube · by MasterMegid (723) · 2006



In Outer Dimension (on the way to Mira) you must fight a mysterious creature called "Gnosis". This is a clear reference to Xenosaga games, also developed by Monolith Soft: there, the Gnosis are a hostile alien race of unknown origin.


Cases of this game bought from TOYS R US came with exclusive soundtracks with the music from the game.


"Baten Kaitos" is a name of a star in the constellation of Cetus (Latin for "whale"). "Baten"is Arabic for "belly", while "Kaitos" is "whale" in Greek.

Information also contributed by Andrew Shepard and Unicorn Lynx

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