aka: Cyberswine: Part Cop. Part Machine. Full Boar Hero.



Cyberswine was the 'second tier' comic book title by Issue One of Australia (there hit title was Zero Assasin).


Cyberswine was originally developed for the 'new' Sega Saturn (which flopped outside of Japan), (and it was supposed to be an arcade game, not interactive movie.)


You can't really tell from the screenshots but the texture for the female police officer's face was originally a photo of Pamela Anderson.

Cyberswine is less of a game (what little game there is) and is more of an advertisement for the website, where you can download and view many more "episodes" of multipath movies (for a fee).


Unlike most "interactive movies", Cyberswine (and all Multipath Movies) is completely real-time 3D. This is unlike traditional interactive movies, which are pre-rendered or live action and stored in a traditional video format, like MPEG, Smacker, Indeo, Cinepak, etc. The disadvantage of having all actors/scenes rendered real-time is that slower computers render out a slower framerate (unless you have a dedicated 3D card). The advantage is that the user can control the camera angle and positioning at any time.

Information also contributed by Andrew Reid and Yakumo

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