Chindōchū!! Pole no Daibōken

aka: Pole's Big Adventure
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This comedy platformer spoofs 8-bit platformers from the 80s, taking on games as far-ranging as Super Mario Bros., Atlantis no Nazo and Challenger. Players take the role of Pole the cowboy as he sets out through different 2D platformer stereotype levels to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, armed with his trusty pistol to shoot enemies from a distance. Each level is littered with weird and surprising gags for players to discover, narrated out loud by a tsukkomi comedian, making the gameplay at least as much about discovering all of the weird things there are to be found as about the actual platforming.


  • 珍道中!!ポールの大冒険 - Japanese spelling

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Chief Producers (チーフプロデューサー)
Producers (ロデューサー)
Director & Planner (デュレクター&きかくげんあん)
Programmers (プログラマー)
Planners (プランナー)
Art Directors (アートディレクター)
Sound (サウンド)
Cooperation Producer (かいはつプロデューサー)
Cooperation Directors (かいはつディレクター)
Programmers (プログラマー)
Designers (デザイナー)
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