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Shonen Jump's One Piece


Based on the 4Kids Entertainment adaptation of the One Piece anime and released exclusively in the United States, this sidescrolling action game features the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy in the East Blue. Recruiting his pirate crew, facing off against enemies with unusual powers, and facing of with the Navy as he travels between islands, players fight their way through seven Stories that consist of three stages each, the first two being platforming stages with the final level of a Story being a boss battle.

Combat involves utilizing Luffy's rubber body to pull off moves like stretching his arm to attack from afar or inflating to deflect bullets, although most of the generic pirate enemies are defeated with a simple punch combo or aerial kick. The stretchy limbs also factor into level navigation like grabbing onto poles to launch Luffy to higher places or grabbing items that would otherwise be out of reach. Landing attacks will build up a power meter that can be used for either a special attack or to have Luffy's crew members to leap in and assist with their own attacks or by providing useful items.

Between Stories a timed Ship Battle Royale takes place where the player needs to defeat all the enemies within a time limit. An infinite variation of this mode is unlocked through completing the main story, and by collecting pirate coins in the platforming levels the player can also unlock a boss rush mode.

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