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Retro Game Reviews ( )

Despite being an 8-bit port, the essence of the game is still intact and there's plenty of speed that the series is known for. 15 different courses available and the freedom to choose your route to the finish line makes every attempt feel fresh. The one-on-one VS CPU mode is an added bonus, but the 2-player option (via a Link Cable) gives the game real longevity. The controls are terrific and the vehicles have some weight to them which makes cornering a much more natural experience. The rolling hill effect is impressive and the sprite scaling (while a little crude) does a convincing job of conveying speed. Some slowdown in areas where there's lots of roadside scenery and there's no cut-scenes when you reach the goal. The time limits in each course are very strict and there's no difficulty option for less skilled players.

Jun 4th, 2022 · Game Gear · read review

Sega Power ( )

Play this classic 3D racing game on your own or with a mate via the Gear-to-Gear option. Nice graphics and a good impression of speed. More courses would have been nice, but it's still a lot of fun.

Sep 1992 · Game Gear · read review

Sega Pro (UK) (77 out of 100)

The classic racing game loses nothing on the small screen. May prove to be a little easy but it is a pleasure to play. This is the racing game to buy, not Super Monaco Grand Prix which has been totally ruined on the Game Gear.

Mar 1992 · Game Gear · read review

ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (9 out of 12)

Der ganz normale Rennmodus ist selbstverstĂ€ndlich auch noch vorhanden, jedoch unterscheiden sich die Strecken von denen des Automaten, was aber nichts macht. Out Run auf dem Game Gear ist ĂŒberraschen gut. Gerade durch den Competition-Modus wird Out Run zu einem wirklich interessanten Programm. Probefahren lohnt sich!

Oct 1991 · Game Gear · read review

Play Time (70 out of 100)

Kurzum: Den Vergleich zum “Orginal“ braucht die GG-Umsetzung nicht zu scheuen. Es ist und bleibt die Legende der Rennsimulationen.

Dec 1991 · Game Gear

Retrogaming History (7 out of 10)

Tutto sommato questo Out Run si lascia giocare e non lesina una buona dose di divertimento. Badate bene perĂČ che Ăš molto lontano dal coin-op che ha spopolato nelle sale giochi del passato. Prima di un eventuale acquisto consiglio di provarlo poichĂš sono state apportate al gioco alcune modifiche e alcuni tagli rispetto a ciĂČ che Ăš lecito aspettarsi

Oct 1st, 2008 · Game Gear · read review

Portable Review (28 out of 40)

Admittedly, this game doesn’t have much replay going for it. I mean, going through the numerous paths found in “1 Player Mode” is interesting and racing against an opponent on the numerous courses is fun, but it doesn’t have much lasting value. On the other hand, this is a great pick-up-and-play game, so though it won’t keep you engaged for very long, you might find yourself coming back to it later.

Oct 5th, 2006 · Game Gear · read review

Megablast (70 out of 100)

Wie auch immer, es fĂ€llt jedenfalls kaum auf, daß sowohl die 3D-Grafik als auch der spritzige Sound mit dem Automaten kaum noch etwas gemeinsam haben — flott bzw. laut genug ist das Geschehen allemal. An der Steuerung gibt‘s ebenfalls nichts auszusetzen, höchstens an der Langzeitmotivation fĂŒr Solodriver: Out Run macht im Duett eindeutig am meisten Spaß!

1992 · Game Gear

Power Play (64 out of 100)

Mir persönlich macht "Super Monaco Grand Prix" zwar mehr Spaß als Out Run, doch die kalifornische Sunshine-AtmosphĂ€re macht den ein oder anderen Fahrfehler wieder wett. Wer schon immer zu schmissiger Musik im Cabrio samt blonder Beifahrerin die USA durchkreuzen wollte, darf das Modul einlegen: Out Run ist kein allzu intelligentes Autorennen, der Spaß am Fahren steht im Mittelpunkt.

Nov 1991 · Game Gear

Games-X ( )

There are only two lanes on the road, which I found to be quite a disappointment. Another major gripe is the lack of other road users on the same stretch as yourself. To sum up, a somewhat average racing game that fails to show the power of this Sega portable.

Aug 29th, 1991 · Game Gear · read review

Retro Archives (11 out of 20)

Sur le papier, OutRun version Game Gear offrait une partie des nouveautĂ©s manquant aux autres portages, Ă  commencer par un mode deux joueurs bienvenu. Malheureusement, en dĂ©pit d’une rĂ©alisation assez rĂ©ussie, la simplicitĂ© du jeu associĂ©e Ă  son manque de technicitĂ© finissent par Ă©puiser trop vite une expĂ©rience qui ne restera rĂ©ellement divertissante qu’une poignĂ©e de minutes. Dommage.

Jun 6th, 2020 · Game Gear · read review

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