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Artifact: Foundry is a standalone, reworked version of Artifact, a digital card game set in the Dota universe. It was created to address the most prominent issues that the original Artifact had, serving as a reboot of the game. Although it was originally intended to be monetized, Artifact: Foundry was eventually released for free with all of its cards available to obtain simply by playing the game when the developers decided to discontinue work on the game.

Artifact: Foundry is a strategic card game played between two players (or one against a bot) across three concurrent boards that occupy the screen. Both players have three towers on their side of the board which they must defend with their cards while attacking the enemy's cards or towers. The first of each player's towers to be destroyed will expose an Ancient, and the first player to destroy two of the enemy's towers or one enemy tower and an enemy Ancient wins.

The main two game modes are a 1v1 Hero Draft ladder where players pick hero cards and play with decks generated from those heroes, and a constructed ladder where decks are built from the entire set of cards. The game also includes an expanded tutorial, a single player campaign, and a puzzle mode with bots.

There are several different types of cards, including: hero cards, which have unique abilities and statistics; creeps, which are less powerful combat units; spells, which can be used to move units or apply status effects; and items, which can be bought during a shopping phase with gold earned in battle and equipped onto hero cards. Cards can be cast into any of the three lanes by spending a certain amount of mana from a unified mana pool.

The most significant changes from the original Artifact are that Artifact: Foundry has all three lanes in view at the same time, a unified mana pool across the lanes, and has much less RNG that affects gameplay. It also has over 100 new cards, including over 20 new heroes, as well as an extended tutorial and playable demo scenarios for each hero.

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