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Windows credits (2021)

2,219 people (2,136 professional roles, 83 thanks) with 2,251 credits.

People Can Fly: AI Code

Lead AI Programmer
Senior AI Programmers
AI Programmers
Junior AI Programmer
Associate Lead Animation Programmer
Dev QA Specialist
Additional AI Code

People Can Fly: Animation

Lead Animators
Associate Lead Animator
Principal Animator
Senior Animator
Junior Animator
Additional Animation

People Can Fly: Audio

Lead Audio Engineer
Senior Sound Designer
Audio Engineer
Junior Sound Engineer
Junior Sound Designer

People Can Fly: Balance Testing

Balance Tester Coordinator
Balance Testers

People Can Fly: Character Art

Lead Character Artist
Senior Character Artists
Character Artists

People Can Fly: Cinematics

Cinematic Director
Additional Cinematics

People Can Fly: Concept Art

Art Director
Lead Concept Artist
Senior Concept Artist
Concept Artists
Additional Concept Art

People Can Fly: Data Management

Data Manager
Additional Data Management

People Can Fly: Environment Art

Lead Environment Artists
Senior Environment Artists
Environment Artists
Junior Environment Artist
Additional Environment Art

People Can Fly: Design

Creative Director
Lead Game Designer
Associate Lead Game Designers
Technical Game Designers
Game Balance Designer
Game Designers
Junior Game Designer
Systems and Balance Designer
Lead Designer
Additional Design

People Can Fly: Engine Code

Technical Director
Associate Lead Engine Programmer
Senior Engine Programmers
Engine Programmers
Online Programmers
Build Engineer
Associate Code DevQA Lead
Jr. DevQA Specialist
Additional Engine Code

People Can Fly: Gameplay Code

Lead Gameplay Programmers
Senior Gameplay Programmers
Gameplay Programmers
Associate Lead Tools & Automation Programmer
Senior Tools Programmer
Additional Gameplay Code

People Can Fly: AI Design

Lead AI Designer
Senior AI Designer
AI Designers
Level Designer
Additional AI Design

People Can Fly: Level Design

Lead Technical Level Designer
Lead Combat Level Designer
Level Designers
Technical Level Designer
Dev QA Specialist
Narrative Designer
Additional Level Design

People Can Fly: Lighting Art

Associate Lead Lighting Artist
Senior Lighting Artist
Lighting Artist
Additional Lighting Art

People Can Fly: Narrative

Lead Narrative Designer
Narrative Designer
Lead Writer
Additional Narrative

People Can Fly: Production

Studio Head
Lead Producer
Senior Producer
Junior Producers
Additional Production

People Can Fly: QA

QA Lead
Associate QA Lead
QA Testers
QA Engineer
Compliance QA Testers
Dev QA Specialists
Additional QA

People Can Fly: Side Quest Cinematics

Side Quest Cinematics Lead
Senior Animator
Dev QA Specialist
Additional Side Quest Cinematics

People Can Fly: Technical Animation

Lead Technical Animator
Technical Animator
Dev QA Specialists
Additional Technical Animation

People Can Fly: Technical Art

Technical Art Director
Principal Technical Artist
Technical Artist
Dev QA Specialist
Additional Technical Artists

People Can Fly: UI Design

Lead UI/UX Designer
UI/UX Designer
UI Designer

People Can Fly: UI

Lead UI Engineer
Senior UI Engineers
UI Engineers
Dev QA Specialist
Additional UI

People Can Fly: Weapon Art

Lead Weapon Artist
Weapon Artists
VFX Artist
Dev QA Specialist

People Can Fly: VFX

Lead VFX Artist
Associate Lead VFX Artist
VFX Artists
Junior VFX Artist
Additional VFX

People Can Fly: Back Office

Head of HR
Junior HR Specialist
Office Assistant
Head of IT
IT Managers
IT Specialists
Junior IT Specialist
Administration and HR Coordinators
Additional Back Office Support

People Can Fly: Thanks


People Can Fly: Project Babies

Project Babies

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix External Studios - Project Team

Co-Studio Head
Design Director
Art Director
Technical Director
Senior Producers
Senior Designers
Brand Manager
Senior PR Manager
Senior Community Manager
Associate Producer
Junior Brand Manager
Community Manager
Production and Design Senior Support
Brand Video Creator
Marketing Artist / Designer

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix External Studios - Influencer Team

Head of Influencer Strategy
Head of Influencer Relations
Influencer Relations Managers

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Europe - QA & Localisation Services

QA & Localisation Services Directors
1st Party Submissions Manager
Mastering Manager
Head of Localisation
Localization Manager
Localization QA Manager
Localization Project Managers
Assistant Localization Producer
Special Thanks

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Europe - Square Enix Europe Analytics Team

Head of Digital Channels
Director of Analytics
Senior Manager Analytics
Technical Manager
Senior Analysts
Senior Digital Analyst
Data Scientist
Business Performance Manager
Marketing Performance Analyst
Web Analyst
Data Analyst Apprentice

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Europe - Digital Owned Channels

Online Development Director
Senior Manager Web Development
Web Designer
Web Developers
Project Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Europe - Square Enix UK and Export Sales and Marketing

General Manager - European Publishing
UK and Export Marketing Director
UK and Export Sales Director
UK Sales Manager
Head of UK Marketing
UK Product Manager
UK and Export PR Manager
UK Senior PR Executive
Export Marketing Director
Export Senior Product Manager
Export PR Executive
Export Sales Managers

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Europe - Square Enix Germany

Managing Director
Marketing Director
Head of Marketing
Senior Product Manager
Junior Marketing Manager
Marketing Trainee
Head of PR
PR Manager
Senior Community and Social Media Manager
Sales Manager
Operations Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix West

Chief Executive Officer - SEE & SEA
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Senior Financial Controller
Finance Business Partner
In fond memory of

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix West - Digital Sales

General Manager: Digital, North American Sales and Operations
Director of Digital Sales
Senior Sales Manager, Digital Sales
Senior Digital Operations Managers
Digital Sales Manager, Digital Sales
Digital Platform Manager
Digital Sales Coordinator

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix West - Digital Sales Analytics

Director of Sales Analytics
Senior Business Analyst, Digital Sales
Senior Sales Analysts
Business Analyst, Digital Sales
Sales Analyst
Associate Business Analyst, Digital Sales

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix West - Business & Legal Affairs

General Counsel
Director, Business & Legal Affairs
Associate Directors, Business & Legal Affairs
Senior Counsel
Senior Paralegal
Legal Assistants

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix West - Online Services Division

Online Development Director
Senior Project Manager
Online Services Architect
Lead Online Services Programmer
Senior Online Services Programmers
Online Services Programmers
Junior Online Services Programmers
Lead Tools Programmer
Tools Programmer
Senior UI/UX Designer
Senior UX Designer
Build Master
Senior QA Technician

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix West - Online Infrastructure Division

Head of Online Infrastructure
Senior Technical Manager
Technical Managers
Technical Translator
Principal DevOps Specialists
Senior DevOps Specialists
DevOps Specialists

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix West - Greenlight Group

Greenlight & User Research Director
Editorial Director

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix West - User Research

User Research Manager (Crystal Dynamics)
User Researcher (Crystal Dynamics)
User Research Manager (Eidos Montreal)
User Researchers (Eidos Montreal)

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Montreal - QA Montreal

QA Manager
Assistant QA Manager
Lead QA Programmer
Sr. QA Programmer
Jr. QA Programmers
QA Database Administrator
QA Database Support Technician
QA Support Lead
QA Support Technician
Compliance QA Lead
Compliance QA Coordinator
Compliance QA Senior Tester
Compliance QA Testers
QA Lead
FQA Coordinators
Functionality Senior Testers
Functional Senior Testers
Functional QA Testers
Techncial QA Lead
Technical QA Coordiantor
Technical QA Senior Testers
Special Thanks

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix North America - Product Marketing

Head of North American Marketing
Associate Marketing Director
Associate Marketing Manager
Influencer Relations Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix North America - Square Enix Creative Services

Director of Creative Services
Senior Manager
Senior Designer
Graphic Designer
Asset/Traffic Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix North America - CRM

Director, CRM & Customer Loyalty

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix North America - Digital Owned Channels

Head of Digital Channels
Senior eCommerce Manager
eCommerce Manager
Senior Web Producer
Web Design
Digital Project Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix North America - Events Team

Senior Director

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix North America - PR

Head of Communications
Senior Director of Public Relations
Public Relations Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix North America - US Box and Operations

Senior Director, Sales
Senior Manager, Sales
Senior Manager, Sales Operations
Manager, Sales Operations
Coordinators, Sales Operations
Manager, Sales Administration
Coordinators, Sales & Claims
Reserve Analyst, Sales

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix North America - Social Media and Community

Senior Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Japan - Square Enix Holdings

President and CEO
Director for Business Development

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Japan - Sales Group

Executive Officer
Senior Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Japan - Marketing Division

General Manager
Lead Planners
Event Relations & Department Operation Chief
Event Relations & Department Operation

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Japan - Global Business Group

Associate Producers
Production Support
Localization Producers
Senior Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix Japan - Quality Assurance

QA Coordinator
Technical QA Engineers
Ratings Advisor
QA Managers
General QA Manager

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix External Partners - User Research by Player Research

Head of Studio (Brighton)
Account Manager
Lead User Researchers
User Researcher
Participant Coordinator

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix External Partners - Keywords Studios Katowice

FQA Regonal Director
FQA Manager
FQA Project Manager
FQA Project Lead
FQA Associate Lead
FQA Senior Testers
FQA Testers

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix External Partners - Keywords Studio Montreal

QA Project Manager
QA Lead
Functional Senior Testers
Functional QA Testers

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix External Partners - Global Step India

Operations Director
QA Lead
Functional Senior Testers
Functional QA Testers

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix External Partners - Testronic

Head of Localisation QA
Localisation QA Manager
Project Manager
LQA Project Lead
Senior Localisation QA Technicians
Localisation QA Technician - US English (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - US English
Localisation QA Technician - French (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - French
Localisation QA Technician - Italian (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - Italian
Localisation QA Technician - German (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - German
Localisation QA Technician - Spanish (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - Spanish
Localisation QA Technician - Russian (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - Russian
Localisation QA Technician - Polish (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - Polish
Localisation QA Technician - Mexican Spanish (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - Mexican Spanish
Localisation QA Technician - Brazilian Portuguese (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - Brazilian Portuguese
Senior Localisation QA Technician - Chinese (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - Simplified Chinese
Localisation QA Technicians - Traditional Chinese
Localisation QA Technician - Korean (Language Lead)
Localisation QA Technicians - Korean

Translation and Audio Partners: Keywords Studios Italy

Producer - Italian/Spanish
Project Manager - Italian/Spanish
Multilange Audio Manager - Italian/Spanish
Multilanguage Audio Project Lead - Italian/Spanish
Quality Assurance Lead - Italian/Spanish
Audio Quality Assurance Supervisor - Italian/Spanish
Linguists - Italian
VO Recording Engineer - Italian
Audio Post Production - Italian
Artistic Direction - Italian
VO Talent - Italian
Additional Voices - Italian

Translation and Audio Partners: Keywords Studios Spain

Linguist Managers - Spain
Linguists - Spanish
QA Linguist - Spanish
Audio Project Manager - Spanish
Production Coordinator - Spanish
Booking Coordinator - Spanish
VO Recording Engineers - Spanish
Artistic Direction - Spanish
Audio Post Production - Spanish
Lead Audio QA Editor - Spanish
Audio QA Editors - Spanish
VO Talent - Spanish
Additional Voices - Spanish

Translation and Audio Partners: Native Prime / G4F Prod

Audio Post Production - French
CEO G4F Prod - French
CFO G4F Prod - French
COO G4F Prod - French
Localization - French
VO Recording Engineers - French
Voice Directors - French
Audio Post Production - French/German
VO Talent - French

Translation and Audio Partners: Native Prime

VO Talent - German

Translation and Audio Partners: Native Prime / Rain Production

Audio Post Production - German
CEO Rain Production - German
IT Consultant - German
Localization - German
VO Recording Engineer - German
Voice Directors - German

Translation and Audio Partners: Native Prime / T-Recs Studios

CEO t-recs studios / Project Manager - German/French
Audio Post Production - German/French
QA - German
Localization - German

Translation and Audio Partners: Roundtable Studio S.A.

Localization Lead - Brazilian Portuguese
Localization Specialist - Brazilian Portuguese
Localization Producer - Brazilian Portuguese
Localization Project Manager - Brazilian Portuguese
Audio Project Manager - Brazilian Portuguese
Dubbing Directors - Brazilian Portuguese
Localization Lead - Latin American Spanish
Localization Specialist - Latin American Spanish
Localization Producer - Latin American Spanish
Localization Project Manager - Latin American Spanish
VO Recording Engineer - Latin American Spanish
Dubbing Directors - Latin American Spanish
Audio Specialists - Latin American Spanish
Audio Post Production - Latin American Spanish
VO Talent - Brazilian Portuguese
Additional Voices - Brazilian Portuguese
VO Talent - Latin American Spanish

Translation and Audio Partners: QLOC S.A.

Senior Localization Producer - Russian
Localization Producer - Russian
VO Recording Coordinator - Russian
Casting/Voice Director - Russian
Supporting Voice Director - Russian
Sound Engineers - Russian
Post-Processing Studio - Russian
  • CZI studio
Post-Processing Sound Engineer - Russian
Project Editor-in-charge - Russian
Project Editors - Russian
Translators - Russian
Proofreader - Russian
Audio QA - Russian
VO Talent - Russian
Additional Voices - Russian

Translation and Audio Partners: QLOC

Senior Business Development Manager - Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) / Korean / Polish
Localization Director - Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) / Korean / Polish
Senior Project Manager - Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) / Korean / Polish
Localization Support / Audio QA - Polish
Translators - Polish
Proofreaders - Polish
VO Recording Engineers - Polish
Audio Post Production - Polish
Director - Polish
Dubbing Producers - Polish
VO Talent - Polish
Additional Voices - Polish


Music Composed, Produced and Conducted by
Music Orchestrated by
Music Recorded by
  • The Budapest Symphony
Music Recorded at
  • TOMTOM Studio Budapest
Orchestra Manager
Mix Engineer
Soundtrack Mastering
Music Brand Manager

Budapest Film Orchestra

Sound Engineer
Concert Master

Efigence S.A.

Efigence S.A.

Yager Development GmbH

Yager Development GmbH

Virtuos Holdings Pte. Ltd.

Virtuos Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Special Thanks

Frima Studio Inc.

Frima Studio Inc.

Fire without Smoke Ltd

Fire without Smoke Ltd

Fool's Theory Sp. z.o.o.

Fool's Theory Sp. z.o.o.

Core3D Game Art Private Limited

Core3D Game Art Private Limited

RedhotCG - a Keywords Studio PLC


Mindwalk / Red Hot CG [Keywords International Limited]

Studio Head
Studio Operations
Studio Wide Environment Lead
Studio Wide Character Lead
Technical Art Director
Translator / Interpreter
Art Service Line Director
Environment Lead
Character Lead

QLOC S.A. [2]

General Manager
Vice President, Development Director
Senior Business Development Manager
Director of Quality Assurance
QA Project Manager
QA Compliance Manager
QA Lab Managers
QA Training Manager
QA Team Leaders
QA Testers
IT Manager

DLE Dragon's Lake Entertainment

DLE Dragon's Lake Entertainment

Puppetworks Animation Studio

Puppetworks Animation Studio

3Lateral d.o.o. Novi Sad

3Lateral d.o.o. Novi Sad

Fireteam Limited

Fireteam Limited

Ghostpunch Games LLC

Ghostpunch Games LLC

Original Force Ltd

Original Force Ltd

Game On Creative, Inc.

Game On Creative, Inc.

Anshar Studios S.A.

Anshar Studios S.A.

Red Kite Games Limited

Red Kite Games Limited

Streamline Media Group Inc

Streamline Media Group Inc






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JS Library for Coherent
  • Portions of this program ┬ę 2020 Microsoft Azure PlayFab
PostgreSQL Database
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  • Portions Copyright ┬ę 1994 The Regents of the University of California
  • ┬ę 2020 Valve Corporation
  • Steamworks and the Steamworks logo are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Valve Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries
  • Copyright ┬ę 2018 brave rabbit / weightDriver
Unreal Engine
  • Outriders uses the Unreal┬« Engine
  • Unreal┬« is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere
  • Unreal┬« Engine Copyright 1998-2020 Epic Games Inc.
  • All rights reserved


TT Mussels
  • Designers: TypeType Team
  • Vika Usmanova
  • Publisher: TypeType
  • Licensed under the TypeType Commercial Standard License
Noto Sans SJK
  • Noto is a trademark of Google Inc.
  • Noto fonts are open source
  • All Noto fonts are published under the SIL Open Font License Version 1.1

Square Enix Limited: Square Enix External Studios - Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Real-Time Visualisation Limited

Real-Time Visualisation Limited
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Credits contributed by Sciere, Wolf van Veen.