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Balan Wonderworld

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PC Invasion (INC Gamers) (6 out of 10)

Balan Wonderworld could have been a lot better than it is. It's not bad, but its design philosophy was not only misguided, but repeatedly compromised by some truly bizarre design decisions. These should have been rectified. What we're left with is an average 3D platformer that's highly reminiscent of the Nights sequel that released on the Wii in 2007. People who just want to explore colorful levels and collect things can have a nice time with it, but this is a decidedly average game that easily could have been better.

Mar 29th, 2021 · Windows · read review

IGN (4 out of 10)

Balan Wonderworld isn't always an awful platformer, but it is a consistently boring one. It's full of charming character designs and the occasional hint of a clever idea, but its insistence on being a one-button game with dozens of needlessly overlapping abilities that are thrown aside just as fast as they are introduced rots it to the core. It's a mess of undercooked concepts and clunky mechanics that slow it to a crawl, and it seems to take inspiration from better games without properly recapturing what actually makes them fun.

Apr 15th, 2021 · Windows · read review

cublikefoot (3.5 out of 10)

BALAN WONDERWORLD is the biggest disappointment of the year for me. It may good graphics, level design, and music, but that is ultimately brought down by its outright boring and tedious gameplay.

Apr 7th, 2021 · Windows · read review

Gfinity Esports (1.5 out of 5)

Balan Wonderworld gets no standing ovation for me – not even a clap. In fact, get your tomatoes at the ready for this musical theatre flop because as much as I wanted to like Balan Wonderworld (and believe me, I really wanted to like it) this game gets more than a few boos from me.

Apr 5th, 2021 · Windows · read review

GameSkinny (3 out of 10)

Don't be fooled into thinking this is like Kingdom Hearts, Banjo-Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, or any other nostalgic, colorful action-platformer. Balan Wonderworld is a game that even patches and fixes won't be able to mold into something you'll want to play. Its flaws run far too deep.

Jul 1st, 2021 · Windows · read review

Gamereactor (Denmark) (2 out of 10)

Designet er et dårligt mix mellem Sonic, Nights, 'Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg' og Cirque du Soleil og sammen med præsentationen og en historie som på mange måder er uforståelig og umuligt at holde trit med - så er det nemt at beskrive Balan Wonderworld som en komplet og fuldstændig (dyr) fiasko.

Mar 30th, 2021 · Windows · read review

VentureBeat / Gamesbeat ( )

This is a bad video game. At its best, it is boring and uninspired. At its worst, it is shameless in its efforts to pad its length and to cut corners. Balan Wonderworld is one of the worst $60 games I've ever played from a major publisher.

Apr 13th, 2021 · Windows · read review

CGMagazine / Comics and Gaming Magazine (2 out of 10)

Balan Wonderworld is just plain bad. Apart from its terrible costume system, it does nothing new and just poorly copies things that other 3d platformers have already done better.

Mar 21st, 2021 · Windows · read review

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