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Might and Magic: Book One - Secret of the Inner Sanctum

aka: Mech i Magija
Moby ID: 1619

[ Apple II ] [ Commodore 64 ] [ DOS ] [ FM-7 add ] [ Macintosh add ] [ MSX add ] [ NES ] [ PC-88 add ] [ PC-98 add ] [ Sharp X1 add ] [ Sharp X68000 add ]

Apple II credits (1986)

8 people (7 professional roles, 1 thanks) with 12 credits.

Designed and Created by Jon Van Caneghem, Michaela Van Caneghem
Programming Jon Van Caneghem
Art Director Mary Ellen Bloom
Book Illustrations Vincent DeQuattro
Map Illustration Jim Krogel (West End Studios)
Technical Writing Marie Butler-Knight (The Writers Group)
Computer Graphics Joseph Arthur Ferreira (Pendragon Studios), Vincent DeQuattro, Jon Van Caneghem, Michaela Van Caneghem
Special thanks to our playtesters and everyone else who made this project possible.
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