4-D Boxing

aka: 4D Sports Boxing
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Step into a new generation of sports games. Featuring Tru-Motion (TM) - the most fluid, lifelike sports animation ever.

  • 9 Adjustable camera angles. Every possible view, including looking at the ceiling from the canvas.

  • Choose from a full range of punches, blocks, and taunts.

  • Each victory puts your name in the headlines and prize money in your pocket.

  • Create up to 10 personalized boxers - give them unique abilities, customized names, and faces only a mother could love.

  • Train them in the gym to build power, speed, and stamina. Save boxers to disk and trade with friends.


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Mindscape and award winning developers DSI bring a new era of games to your home computer - with the 4D Sports series. Here the 4th Dimension is realism and the action is amazingly real.

“Good evening Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the packed car park of Mindscape Palace on this beautiful summer evening for a fabulous night of Championship Boxing.

The crowd are going wild as the champion and challenger step into the glare of the TV lights...we can hardly hear the announcer as he introduces the fight to the thousands who have turned up for what promises to be a night of pure sporting genius...lets go over live to our commentary team down at the ring side for a blow by blow account of tonights big fight”

4D Sports Boxing puts you right in the thick of the fight with some stunningly realistic polygon graphics that really pack a punch.

Modelled and simulated on real human movement, 4D Sports Boxing is the most accurate sports simulation ever written. 4D Sports Boxing lets you create and save a camp of ten of your own boxers - you dictate how tall, how heavy, and how strong they are. Next you train them and build them up into lean, powerful fighting machines - then it's time to enter them into their first fight.

You control every move of the boxers with a full range of punches, moves and some very fancy footwork. It is up to your skills and determination to box your way up the championship ladder and bank the winnings for every successful fight.

  • Fight artificially intelligent opponents.
  • Simultaneous 2 player fighting mode.
  • Detailed and smooth polygon graphics
  • 4D Sports Vision video replay system lets you re-live the best punches of the fight.
  • 9 user selectable and positionable camera angles.
  • Digital sound effects and music scores.


Back of Box - DOS (United Kingdom)

Contributed by Patrick Bregger, Brian Hirt.

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