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1000$ – a first-person horror where you are supposed to rob a house. The main character is a young guy who decides to upgrade his computer due to the release of some new interesting games. However, he has to get 1,000 dollars somewhere to buy the required hardware. So he decides to rob a house where an old lady lives. But what he doesn’t know yet is that the lady always has a gun with her and doesn’t sleep at night.

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Average score: 0.6 out of 5 (based on 1 ratings)

The game isn't worth $0.99 and it certainly wasn't worth my time.

The Good
The pixelation filter and the old lady's laugh. I guess the game does what it says, which isn't much at all...

The Bad
- The only loot to be found is a stack of cash copy+pasted around.
- Loot is only found in drawers. Not creatively stashed nor any variety.
- Can be beaten in under 3 minutes.
- Only took 3-4 attempts to beat (totaling 13 minutes and 29 seconds of playtime).
- On two occasions I directly bumped into the old lady with zero repercussions. Flash light on.
- There is no replay value.
- There are no alternative objectives or things to do.
- The only reward for winning is a chime it plays before kicking you back to the main menu.

The Bottom Line
Just an NPC on sentry mode and you've got to quick loot without it catching you. On a loop. That's it.

The game isn't worth $0.99 and it certainly wasn't worth my time. Hopefully this review can spare you yours.

Windows · by WONDERなパン (12230) · 2022

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