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aka: A Tale from Moebius, Moebius 2
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Apple II credits (1989)

38 people (31 professional roles, 7 thanks) with 40 credits.

Game Design Greg Paul Malone II
Executive Producer Dallas Snell
Associate Producer Jeff Hillhouse
Programming Greg Paul Malone II
Programming Assistance David Shapiro, Micromagic, Alan Gardner, John Miles
Computer Graphics Greg Paul Malone II, Jeff Dee, Denis R. Loubet, Glen Johnson, Amanda Dee, Keith Berdak
Product Packaging Lori Ogwulu, Cheryl Neeld, Cat Pragoff, Sabrena Allen, Mike Harrison
Documentation Writing Allen Varney
Playbook Art Jennifer Ando
Playtesting John Watson, Joel Manners, Paul Malone III, Steve Cantrell, Jon Nials, John Aslin, Christopher Whiteside, Kirk Hutcheon, Dan Coughlin Jr., Jonathan Lamy
Photography Ray Studios
Chinese Consultant Cheryl Chen
Special Thanks to... The Quality Assurance and playtest team, Origin Management, Dallas Snell, Jeff Hillhouse, Rachel Malone, Paul Malone III, Human history
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