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An Ultima style RPG with an oriental flavor. The Deathlord and his army of demons are destroying the land and Emperor Nakamoto has called upon you and your party to fight back and defeat him. There are 8 races and 16 classes to choose from along with a handy translation guide that tells you a Genkai is really a Wizard and a Ryoshi is a specialized Fighter. The 84 spells also have Japanese names but their effects will be familiar to any fan of European style medieval adventures. In fact, Deathlord even includes a utility to import and Easternize your characters from Bard’s Tale, Ultima III, and Wizardry.

One other thing to note is that Deathlord is quite large. The quest itself takes place on over a dozen continents each with multiple cities and dungeons. According to the estimate on the package, it is designed to fill “a few hundred hours” of the player’s time.



Credits (Apple II version)

16 People

Software Design
Dungeon Design
Assistant Producer
Testing Assistance
Technical Support
Software Title and Final Screens
Art Director
Packaging Design and Lettering
Package Illustration
Package Copy
Screen Photography



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Reportedly, this game's interface and gameplay similarities to Ultima (and perhaps its thematic similarities to Origin's Moebius series) led to a rift between Origin and Electronic Arts, leading the former to leave EA's affiliate publisher program in 1987 and setting a confrontational tone between Richard Garriott and Trip Hawkins.

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