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aka: Crush, Sprung: A Game Where Everyone Scores, Sprung: The Dating Game

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eToychest (84 out of 100)

This is a game that proves it to be much better than expected. For players looking for a unique adventure game, Sprung is sure to deliver an experience quite unlike any other in recent memory. However, the somewhat elementary gameplay is sure to turn away a number of gamers who are looking for something a bit more well-rounded. For what it is, Sprung dishes out a worthwhile and memorable experience that is both entertaining as well as quite funny. I only wish I had known some of these lines when I was dating.

Dec 13th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

Planet GameCube (8 out of 10)

It's certainly simplistic play, but it does take advantage of the DS's dual screens. Your character and dialogue choices are on the bottom, and characters being spoken to appear on top. Each character is fluidly animated and has very clear reactions and expressions. Dialogue can be chosen with the touch-screen, but it's faster and more convenient to just use the control pad. Only someone who hates comedy could dislike this game. Seriously. If you delight in the absurd and can take a good sassing from the sassiest game to ever sass a sassee, then buy it. Oh good lord, buy it, buy it now.

Dec 27th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

Netjak (7.5 out of 10)

One old chestnut I remember from my early days on the internet was a discussion on why one particular genre of games popular in Japan never made it onto American consoles: dating simulators. Some people felt that they were demeaning to women. Some people thought the Japanese underestimated the market for them. Some people believed it would be because the games didn’t feature enough action to keep an American gamer enthused. I personally bought the theory that too many people would be ashamed to get them. So perhaps it’s telling that a French company, not a Japanese one, had the temerity to release a dating sim in the United States when most Japanese producers would fear the results. Indeed, UbiSoft has released Sprung for the DS, and I was curious to see whether or not the genre had any hope in North America.

Jan 21st, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

GameCola.net (7 out of 10)

Overall, this game is really fun to play, especially the first time through when you don’t know what is going to happen and you haven’t yet realized that you have little-to-no say in who you date and when you date them. The audio and controls didn’t factor in at all to how much fun I had… I didn’t really notice them at all. With all that being said, if you aren’t sure a dating simulation type of game is your thing, you’d be better of renting this than buying it.

Mar 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

3DAvenue (68 out of 100)

Sprung is a game that uses some aspects of the DS well but perhaps it could have gone the extra mile and required people to blow and talk to the system; if it’s there use it. It is a game probably aimed at the female market but despite its dating simulation style, offers a fairly decent adventure game and can be hard to put down.

Feb 27th, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Game Chronicles (6.2 out of 10)

Sprung seems to be getting a bad rap from the press, but from the look of the forums there are a lot of people playing and enjoying this game and really getting caught up in all the drama. Sure, the whole thing comes off more as an interactive romance novel than a game and I wouldn’t argue the point. The story and the dating concept in whole is likely to appeal to female gamers more than guys, so if your girlfriend or wife is feeling neglected, get her this game. There isn’t much of a game here, merely a set of choices, where by trial and error you eventually reach the end and win. The same concept has survived for nearly 20 years in a little game called Dragon’s Lair, and it works just as well with the text-only Sprung. As long as you know what to expect you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Jan 17th, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

GameSpot (6 out of 10)

Sprung's willingness to tread some risqué ground, which most games tend to sidestep, is definitely intriguing, but your actual participation in the game feels kind of limited.

Dec 14th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

Nintendojo (6 out of 10)

Overall, Sprung is a funny game with a well-written script, upbeat music, and memorable characters. The graphics are colorful and well-detailed, but unfortunately the lack of animation leaves the game high and dry at times. Each character has a unique personality brought to life through what you choose to say, what they say back, and how they react to certain situations. I’d recommend Sprung to anyone looking for a quick, relaxing game that requires a bit of smooth talk and a good sense of humor.

2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Game Freaks 365 (5.3 out of 10)

And yet, the game does tend to get a bit repetitive as it goes on, especially since you will fail a lot as you go through. After all you're doing is selecting things to say and hoping you pick right. There is no real action to speak of, which can make the game a bit boring. Still, for some people, this game might be worth the relatively cheap price that you're likely to find it at. That's up to you to decide based on what I've said.

2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

Sydney Morning Herald ( )

The game simply involves choosing dialogue for your character and lavishing gifts in an attempt to "score". Penned by a TV writer, the lines are always entertaining and occasionally hilarious. But there is little freedom: choosing the wrong dialogue path results in "game over", forcing players to replay scenarios repeatedly until the correct options are selected. The linearity is a shame given the dearth of quality games for girls and the potential of more free-form interactive novels.

Mar 3rd, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Gamenikki (5 out of 10)

Sprung is that: a missed opportunity. It's an interesting departure into a sort of story games don't often tell, and it's a clever story, but the game is too weak to carry the weight. It would be another interesting game for the non-hardcore gamers who seem to have taken to the DS, if it weren't so frustrating or arbitrary. Too bad.

2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Wham! gaming (4.2 out of 10)

When it comes down to it, Sprung, for what it is, could have been entertaining. If you ignore the fact that the responses you are able to give often don't seem to be what you really want to say; if you ignore that there are only about 10 people total on the mountain and everyone becomes the town "bike;" and if ignore there is practically no continuity between the "missions," the game does what it claims to do. Relationship, or dating sims have always been around – not so much in western gaming, but elsewhere, and they’ll be around for a long time to come. If we’re going to get another one over here, let alone one that comes as a launch title for a new system, I’d hope that it would be more well written and actually make you feel like you’re accomplishing something, rather than just mindlessly selecting text for 30+ dates. If this is the type of game you’re looking for, try looking online or going to Japan… Stay away from this incarnation on the DS.

2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Cinescape (C-)

What SPRUNG boils down to is that it’s a fun little game for those of you who don’t mind a game that only involves selecting text responses of dialog. If you can get into the whole sexual suggestiveness of the title, you might have some fun, otherwise, invest your money somewhere else for some actual gameplay.

Dec 15th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

Mania (C-)

What SPRUNG boils down to is that it's a fun little game for those of you who don't mind a game that only involves selecting text responses of dialog. If you can get into the whole sexual suggestiveness of the title, you might have some fun, otherwise, invest your money somewhere else for some actual gameplay.

Dec 15th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

N-Philes (C-)

I certainly give kudos to Ubisoft for taking the brave step of publishing a game that would normally never see the light of a day in the States. Yet at the bottom of it all it doesn't flash the most impressive gameplay, and certain missions can become tedious and so out of the norm they can become extremely frustrating. Throw in a few characters that seem like they came straight out of a 2:00 AM sitcom, Sprung is nothing short of cheesy. Top it all off with an average graphical performance and a less than stellar soundtrack and it shows Sprung isn't really breaking any gaming boundries. But the game has its moments, modern age humor and plenty of lastability, with the ability to go through the game as two different characters. Being able to unlock game art as well, Sprung may last you a lot longer then expected. Problem is, the game might not hold your attention long enough to play it all the way through.

2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (4 out of 10)

Sprung is a missed opportunity. Who knew dating could be so boring?

Aug 7th, 2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

GamerFeed ( )

If you can imagine what it'd be like to strike out with someone at a bar and then have to hound them all night trying out different pick-up lines, you'll know what to expect with Sprung. It's a decent game but only if you're a supreme mack daddy who knows all the right answers. Otherwise, you're going to be reading the same conversation trees again, and again, and again until you gouge your eyes out, or just return the game to the store.

Dec 20th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

IGN (4 out of 10)

Years ago adventure games were nothing more than screens full of words and the challenge was to say or do the correct, prescripted action in order to advance further into the plot. Zork, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Wishbringer were all the rage back in the day. Since the programmers didn't have too much in the way of visual capabilities to work with back then, the focus was on a compelling story that would keep gamers occupied until the very end.

Dec 14th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

Mygamer.com (3.4 out of 10)

Sprung is definitely a unique game, but it is not a very good one. The only incentive for the player to read through this quest is to get to the "scoring" scene, or at least see some kind of amusing, curse-filled rant telling your character to...ahem..."buzz off." But since these scenes don't exist, there isn't even a novelty reason to play this game. The trial and error form of play becomes tedious, and the game only uses the D-pad or stylus to make selections. Boring is the best and only word to describe this game. Do not play Sprung, even if you are into dating sims.

2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

1UP (3 out of 10)

Sprung has an awfully loaded name. Given the premise of the game -- a sort of matchmaking/dating sim -- it's presumably supposed to echo the early '90s Sir Mix-A-Lot definition of the word, which indicates a certain physical expression of enthusiasm for the fine honeys. (Example: "I was chatting up this hot snow bunny and got totally Sprung!") But given the quality of the game, the title could also denote a certain level of unpleasant surprise. (Example: "Please avoid this horrible wreck of a game that Ubisoft has Sprung upon unsuspecting DS owners.")

Dec 14th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) (3 out of 10)

Second opinion Initially the game is actually reasonably enjoyable. You can generally pick the correct path to follow and you seem to have genuine choices about how the story will play out based on your responses. However, the further you progress through the game, the more it relies on trail an error. It also becomes increasingly linear. This entirely destroys the what fun there initially was in the game play.

Aug 7th, 2005 · Nintendo DS

GameSpy ( )

It's a shame that the actual gameplay is so boring and repetitive, as there is definite potential for a good game here. The 90210/OC/whatever-Fox-teen-melodrama-the-kids-are-watching-nowadays storyline is interesting, and the character designs are terrific. And even though the animation is extremely limited, what is there is way fluid. Unfortunately, the story and pretty pictures aren't enough to wade through the random guessing that makes up the game itself. Selecting phrases until you pick the "right" one doesn't make for a good game.

Dec 16th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

Detroit Free Press (Freep) (1 out of 4)

I don't know why someone would want to play "Sprung," a dating-mission game from Ubisoft that stains this fine game-maker's name. You play as a guy or a girl and fire off pickup lines to win hearts. There's nothing innovative here in the use of the two screens. There's one person on the top screen and one on the bottom. In my case, the girl talked and I tried to give answers that would worm my way into her graces. This was lamer than a spring break movie.

Dec 26th, 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

RewiredMind (1 out of 10)

Sprung: The Dating Game has a bit of a cheek to include the word “game” in its title. The guys behind it could have at least been honest and included at least one of the words “awful”, “pointless” or “tedious” too. If you have a spare twenty pound note in your pocket, set fire to it or buy Polarium – either would be much more fun than “playing” Sprung.

2005 · Nintendo DS · read review

Game Revolution (F)

Though Emeril will tell you otherwise, the way to a woman’s heart is actually through her ears. Say the right things in the right order and even the most callous witch will ignore that gigantic zit on your nose just to plant a wet one on those lying, conniving lips. If it worked for Cyrano De Bergerac, it’s bound to work for you, right?

Dec 2004 · Nintendo DS · read review

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