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Princess Maker 2

aka: PM2, Princess Maker 2 Refine, Princess Maker 2: special mini drama
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A hero saved the human race from utter annihilation by the gods. This same hero then was charged by the heavens to take care of a young seed dropped from there. This seed becomes his daughter, and her guardian will be watching her progress.

In Princess Maker 2 the player assumes the role of a father to the blessed daughter of the heavens. For the next eight years, the hero will nurture and guide her in the path of the player's own choosing.

It is possible to choose the path of the zodiac-influenced daughter by scheduling her to jobs and schools, which will raise her statistics (strength, combat skills, cooking, faith, etc.). Each month allows the player to designate three different tasks for her to follow. Balancing between character development, stress level, health and financial income is the focus of this game.

Mini sub-quests and various plot options revolve around the young lady adventuring in the wilderness, provided that she's strong enough to tame the wilds. The player can equip her with armor and weapons to fight off wandering random monsters in turn-based combat.

The game starts with the daughter at age ten, from which point the player guides her until her adult years. Choices made during the course of the game will determine her eventual marital status, accomplishments, and her relationships with other people. There are 74 unique endings in the game.


  • プリンセスメーカー2 - Japanese spelling
  • 美少女夢工埸2 - Chinese spelling (traditional)
  • 美少女梦工厂2 - Chinese spelling (simplified)

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Concept (原作)
Original Art (作画)
CG Director (CG監督)
Graphics (グラフィック)
Music (音楽)
Music & SFX Program (音楽/効果音プログラム)
Music Driver
  • ''PMD'' Ver.4.6F
Recording (録音)
  • Youmex Studio [ユーメックス・スタジオ]
Test Play (テストプレイ)
Assistant Director (演出補佐)
Technical Supervisors (技術管理)
Advertisement & Packaging (アド/パッケージワーク)
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Average score: 86% (based on 1 ratings)


Average score: 4.0 out of 5 (based on 67 ratings with 6 reviews)

Horribly addictive and re-playable... charming game.

The Good
While not a terribly unique concept in Japan, Princess Maker 2 is one of the few "real-life" sims that has (sort of) come across the ocean. It is vastly replayable, due to the large number of endings. In addition to the base ending (ie, your daughter's chosen career/lifestyle at age 18) there are other factors such as whether and to whom she marries, whether she considers her childhood to have been happy, etc. There are some truly bizarre endings out there... a few trial runs should be enough to figure out how to max out her stats... and messing with stats is the key to determining her future. I got the Princess ending once, ages ago... but its really far more interesting to seek out some of the obscure endings.

The Bad
It gets repetitive... in order for your daughter to accomplish ANYTHING in any field, she needs money and you will therefore spend a lot of time having her work or fight for the sole purpose of raising money. It also becomes important to make sure that she doesn't do the same job too often, unless you want her to go into that field. Too much cooking and cleaning will get you a housewife every time. It seemed like a waste to spend hours on the game only to get ANOTHER housewife, artist, dancer, or hooker (those were the ones that kept cropping up for me at least), knowing that there are around 40 endings that I have never got, it was frustrating to do something different and get the same ending over and over again.

Princess Maker 3 actually has more endings, and it is a bit easier to ensure a different ending by changing your actions to a lesser degree than is necessary in 2. But for those who don't read Japanese, this is just about the best--if not ONLY--game of its type.

The Bottom Line
Yes, it sounds dorky. Who wants to play a child-rearing sim? Well... I do, for one. It is AMAZING how addictive this game is once you give it a shot!

PC-98 · by hikari_no_tsubasa (9) · 2010

One of my favourite games!

The Good
1. It looks great, even though it uses only 16 colors! Wow!
2. 74 endings... when I think that PM1 has 30 endings, and even PM3 has only 60 endings...
3. It's really addictive ^^. It means it's really good.
4. A lot of stats desciribing your daughter.
5. Adventure mode is really cool. It's not only walking around, killing monsters and finding treasures, you can also, for example, meet interesting creatures.
6. Ending with your daughter marrying Cube is so cute ^

The Bad
1. A bit repetitive.
2. English beta doesn't have descriptions of some endings.
3. Why do I have to be the father, and I can't be the mother? It makes me feel a little confused...

The Bottom Line
Great game. What else can I say? Maybe just: you must play it!! ^_^

PC-98 · by Marta S³oñska (2) · 2010

Charming and very original, but perhaps a bit repetitive

The Good
The premise alone is original: raising a daughter. The game analyses your every move which is quite rewarding; and the incredibly detailed game system allows you to map out your ideal daughter quite easily. The possibilities are huge and it's fun to see how one choice affects another. For example, having your daughter work at a sleazy bar ups her "sin" level; but if you combine it with a job at a church, you can nullify it. The graphics are charming and heartwarming in a typical Japanese fashion, and the small animations are good and quite funny sometimes. The sheer open-endedness of the game is great and the, count 'em...74 endings have got to rate among surely the biggest number in any game. Like someone said it's "replayable to the point of insanity". I personally found a lot of affinity with my daughter and I felt a bit sad when she had to leave home at the end, but -hey- I'm always like that. I also managed to pretty much create what I'd want my daughter to be like anyway. The endings are suprisingly thorough and it's amazing how your daughter's final stats make a difference to each ending. Which means that even after you've seen ALL SEVENTY FOUR you can still replay the game again and see something new.

The Bad
Princess Maker 2 does unfortunately get repetitive. I found this to be it's biggest problem. If you want your daughter to grow up to be an artist or whatever, it's quite easy to pile her into art school and get her a job at a hair salon, and she'll ace the competitions every time in less than 2 years. After that, there is no real need to keep her in the art school because it's costing you a bomb and she'll win the next competition by a mile anyway. So you're kinda stuck with what to do because if you try something else like fighting, it'll lower her artistic skill or push her in the direction of becoming a professional warrior. There could have been a few more random events I think. The schedules do seem to turn out pretty similar for every month too. You'll get your daughter into a routine habit and this may get boring if nothing happens very often either. It's also a pity your daughter doesn't say much as well, but then that may just be my inadequacies as a father.

The Bottom Line
Sweet, fun, light-hearted, and warm. Japan always seems to be able to produce games with so much more charisma than American ones. It's just a pity that not quite enough is happening most of the time; and after completing it, you won't feel the need to jump back in right from the start again. But how can you complain when this game has 74 endings? I mean...74?!...Wow

PC-98 · by Shazbut (163) · 2002

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The default name for your daughter is Olive Oyl; she's named after the character in the Popeye series. You can get the default daughter by typing a bunch of random letters and symbols when prompted for a name at the beginning.

This default name exists for both the Japanese version and the beta English version.

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