aka: Chaos - The Battle of Wizards, Chaos: Magic & Death on the Plane of Limbo
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Chaos is a fantasy strategy game written by Julian Gollop, who later became famous for X-Com. In it you are a wizard who battles it out against up to seven other wizards that can be both player and/or computer controlled. The last one alive wins. The game is turn based and each turn is divided in two parts. In the first you select and cast spells and movement is done in the second.

There are several different spells available. Some of them let you summon creatures to attack the opponent while others will improve your abilities or are offensive (like lightning) or defensive (summon castles). Summoning spells would include Centaurs and Horses, which can be mounted by the wizard and enable you to move across the playing board quickly. Spells can also be either Lawful, Neutral or Chaotic, so the chances of success increase if the wizard has the same alignment.

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Chaos the game of strategy and invention

The Good
The concept of the game was turn-based strategy utilising an array of spells, its simplicity and game speed was excellent. The spells were very varied ranging from Gooey Blob which did not affect the caster but would cover the board absorbing all other creatures including opposing wizards (which would kill them - but not the creatures as they could be recovered if the Gooey Blob was attacked). Summoning spells included Eagles, Centaurs, Horses, Dragons (Gold & Red). Ranged weaponry to attack from distance. Overall the game had every aspect of defence and attack hence the terms of Chaotic, Lawful and Neutral. The variety of spells gave you excellent game play and you could extend the game by careful planning and protecting other users, it was not also a singular player game but you could involve friends to become wizards too. This made the game very enjoyable to all.

The Bad
A single scenario to eliminate your enemies.

The Bottom Line
Addictive especially if you have others playing. Julian Gollop created an exciting game utilising spells, chesslike gameplay and reasonable graphics for its time. A must for the game enthusiast.

The game itself was expanded on I believe by an Australian for the Amiga platform a bit later on with improved graphics and spells.

ZX Spectrum · by Steve McConnell (3) · 2006


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