Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt

aka: Rad Rhino and Awesome Possum
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In just a few years, mankind has succeeded in destroying the environment and endangering all living species. Under the guidance of the evil Dr. Machino, robotic machines were built to turn the Earth into a soulless place without live nature. There is only one hero who can save the living beings of the planet - you, a little possum. Fight Dr. Machino's robots and liberate the Earth!

This is an action platformer very similar in gameplay style to Sonic games. The possum can jump and run very quickly, as well as spin to hurt the enemies and breeze through the levels. Various robotic creatures will will try to kill you during your journey to Dr. Machino's lair. You can either avoid or try to defeat them on your way.


  • オーサムポッサム - Japanese spelling

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Average score: 55% (based on 13 ratings)


Average score: 1.9 out of 5 (based on 14 ratings with 3 reviews)

The worst platformer ever?

The Good
Well, it starts off good, with...wait, no, it doesn't start off good at all.

The Bad
Pretty much everything about this game is done horribly wrong. At first it's just a pain to look at and listen to, with terribly chopped up and badly done graphics. Ok, the Genesis was pretty limited in its display of colors, &c. but this game feels like a true hack job, even if it isn't. Just look at Sonic 2. Secondly, the sound is horrible, with distorted voice samples and bad music. It's not even so bad that it's funny, it's just bad. The controls and challenge is also what is not good about this, if you can manage to stand the terrible controls, you'll probably finish this game in an hour or less. Pretty much you run, like Sonic but not as fast or fun, and jump sometimes, like Sonic, but not as good, and if you're lucky the seemingly random spin attack works so you can dispose of the badly animated and unimaginatively designed enemies.

The Bottom Line
Take Sonic 2. Replace everything that's good with stuff that's bad, and you get Awesome Possum.

Genesis · by optrirominiluikus (70) · 2006

Worst. Sega. Genesis. Game. EVER.

The Good
Probably the fact it's so bad it makes me laugh my butt, actually, the only good thing is that there's an option to make Possum shut up. I don't think there's anything else good about this so called "game".

The Bad
Everything. The story is just stupid, and it's a typical way of brainwashing other people. Sure, recycling is a good idea, but making it the point of a game is the worst idea ever. The characters are rip-offs of Sonic characters, the controls are horrendous and frustrating, the gameplay is boring, the speech is annoying, the SFX is from Sonic Spinball, the music is horrendous and annoying and last but not least, the background looks like a glitchy mess and the foreground is not any better.

The Bottom Line
This game is really horrible. Don't buy it, unless they are selling it for less than $2 and you want to laugh your butt off for a while.

Genesis · by Mango Man (3) · 2010

without a doubt, one of the most generic rip-offs of Sonic

The Good
Well, they did say they were trying to make a game that would persuade others to recycle and stuff. Sadly,though they fail.

The Bad
In most of my other reviews, I have said that good graphics and good music doesn't make a good game. But this game doesn't even possess great audio or top-notch graphics. Firstly, let's start with the plotline. Apparently," In 20 years, mankind has automated the destruction of the environment."

So, I suppose that now we have to bring on a certain possum to "rescue the world/environment" (great plot, huh?). Along the way Awesome has to engage against a variety of uninspired enemies and atrocious boss battles to add to the boring gameplay. The music sounds so bad, I think i'd rather listen to my cat spitting out a hairball in front of a loudspeaker (I apologise, that was disgusting and unnecessary!).

The gameplay is so unbalanced and slippery and I can't help but notice that there is even a speed element, just like a sonic game. I never finished the game because I couldn't be bothered, but one of my friends told me that the ending involved that (un)lovable possum being carved onto mount Rushmore!

If I saw that low-life bum up along with the other four heads, I would flip out. I mean, you don't want that loser to be seen in public, because he's an embarrassment to video games!

The Bottom Line
The Sega genesis has gone through a lot in it's time and we're all thankful that we don't get to see many rip-offs like these on modern consoles these days. The developers did mean well and tried to encourage people to be more environmental but still, you don't want this game, it's not worth your time.

Genesis · by Arejarn (7353) · 2008


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