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NiBiRu: Age of Secrets

aka: NI.BI.RU: Posel Bohů, NI•BI•RU: Der Bote der Götter, NI•BI•RU: Wysłannik Bogów, NI•BI•RU: el mensajero de los dioses, Ni.Bi.Ru: Messenger of the Gods, Ni.Bi.Ru: Sur la piste des dieux Mayas, NiBiRu: Messaggero degli Dei

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Sixty years after the defeat of the Nazis, construction workers come upon an old German tunnel complex west of Prague. Martin Holan, a young archeologist, is given permission to enter and investigate the contents. Inside he will find vaults of information concerning an unknown planet in our solar system called NiBiRu. He learns that the Nazis hired a brilliant scientist during the war to make use of Nibiru's secrets, but the end of the war prevented them from finishing their plan. Now, Martin must unearth all that was discovered and find out the current implications of their plot.

NiBiRu is an updated version of the 1998 game Posel Bohů by the same developers. It is essentially a remake with updated graphics, music and puzzles, but the story remains the same as the earlier game.

The story will take Martin, the main player character, to interesting locations including the Prague mining site and its underground passages, Paris, and a small Mexican town with Mayan ruins nearby.

Players control Martin in 3rd person perspective. The interface is completely mouse-driven in point-and-click fashion, and the use of both left and right mouse buttons is necessary to succeed. Inventory appears at the bottom of the screen and hides when not in use. The main menu can be accessed by pointing to the top right of the screen and clicking. In addition, there are unlimited game save slots and optional subtitles.

Many puzzles and obstacles come into play including interaction with a large number of interactive non-player characters. Puzzle types vary in difficulty and include traditional inventory, situation-based ones as well as several real brain teasers.

Martin is unable to run, but a double-click on an "exit" door warps him to the next screen. When death occurs, the game restores to the place immediately before the mistake was made.


  • Nibiru:奥秘的时代 - Chinese spelling (Simplified)
  • Нибиру. Посланник богов - Russian spelling

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German version

In the German version, all swastikas were removed or replaced. In one logic puzzle, other symbols associated with the Nazi regime were also removed.

This is most notable in one switch puzzle which was changed to have another solution: in the original version, the solution is to create a swastika pattern. After solving the puzzle, the in-game display of the opened door still shows the original pattern.

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