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DD Tournament Poker

aka: DD Tournament Poker: No Limit Texas Hold'Em

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Linux credits (2004)

14 People (13 developers, 1 thanks)

Software Development

Software Development
  • Donohoe Digital http://www.donohoedigital.com
Game Help


This game is dedicated to my wife


  • Eagle Games
  • Fast Forward Design


This product includes software developed by the
  • Apache Software Foundation - http://www.apache.org/
  • JDOM Project - http://www.jdom.org/
  • The licenses for Apache and JDOM are located in the installation directory of this product in the config/license sub-directory.
This product is a work that uses the
  • MersenneTwisterFast algorithm which is licensed under the GNU LGPL license. The source code to MersenneTwisterFast is Copyright © 1991
  • 1999 Free Software Foundation
  • Inc. Per the conditions of this license
  • the text of the license and source code for the algorithm may be found in the installation directory of this product in the twister.jar file.
This product contains sound effects licensed from
  • The Hollywood Edge - http://www.hollywoodedge.com/
Background music composed by

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